Shade ultimate

Please let us know when will the bugs with shade’s ultimate going to be fixed? This bug really hurts shade.


Which one? Several of them in progress right now.

Possibly a few nerfs as well.

The one which prevents Shade from critically striking on the first hit after using Infiltrate is the most important one to be honest.
At first I thought this is a nerf to Cloak of Mist Shade talent, but that’s not actually the case because she doesn’t crit with any of the talents or just the base career skill.

“Kerillian becomes undetectable and can pass through enemies. Lasts for 5 seconds, or until she attacks.” - Infiltrate

There never were words that contain crit in the description.

Cloak of Mists also states: “…AFTER leaving stealth…”. There is some room for interpretation there, like in a lot of Talent descriptions.

Either someone finally took notice of what their description actually says us, or someone tried to finally put some balance in shade, be it in a weird way, which usually comes with a giant river of flowing elgi tears and a wall of screams. Apparently, Shade is simply a too short word to fit balance in.

(Waiting for the: “But it was a guaranteed crit since forever!” argument in to lift off in 3… 2… 1…)

If you want to go down that road, there are lots of things that are not written in text and yet happen anyway.
I do agree that the base ability does not say that there is a crit - or any kind of bonus for that matter, but the Cloak of Mist text does imply so :

Infiltrate cooldown is reduced by 45%. After leaving stealth, Kerillian gains 100% melee critical strike chance for 4 seconds, but no longer gains a damage bonus on attacking.

That being said, it does say that the bonus is granted after leaving stealth and that is what it is doing at the moment. This change - since you so eloquently pointed out that “it was a guaranteed crit since forever” - is not a mere nerf of the career though ( which I wouldn’t have been against) but it breaks an entire playstyle using Cloak of Mists + Vanish to focus on horde clearing over monster deletion.
Either the buff should start on entering stealth (which results in a duration nerf) or the change should be reverted to how it was and find another way to nerf her that does not break her.


It doesn’t say Blessed Blade is a crit, yet it is one. Killing Shot works on Maulers and Bestigors despite them clearly not being mansized (I doubt that Killing Shot is going to get changed). Leading Shots doesn’t state it can’t give random crits but it would be too much if it did. Limb Splitter doesn’t state that it has no effect on ranged attacks, but it doesn’t which is a good thing.

Using the descriptions as justifications for balance changes on their own is not only arbitrary but inconsistent. Descriptions do not inherently equal balanced (and this change makes Shade’s default ult weak dps).

It was acknowledged as a bug, so it’s up to Fatshark to fix it now. Whether or not it gets fixed this week or at a much later date doesn’t matter because it’s not uncommon for Fatshark to take a long time to fix bugs.


I was going to buy the new shade and Kruber skins, but CoM+Vanish was my favorite Shade playstyle (not because it’s OP but because it’s different) and until it’s fixed I won’t give Fatshark a cent. Hopefully it gets fixed in a week or two, but Fatshark does have a history of leaving talent bugs for months. I really hope it won’t be that way for shade.

She never crit with her talents or base skill unless lucky before mist though?

And it was always weird that the crit buff would apply even before you exited stealth even when the description explicitly stated otherwise. A more correct description would have been

“Upon entering stealth you gain 100% crit chance which stops X seconds after exiting stealth”

Now it actually matches what it states though which does lend a lot of credibility to the idea that it’s an intended nerf.

To be fair, most mistbuilds did more boss damage than the painbuilds which was pretty absurd.

This nerf does hurt the style but i found that at least with daggers you can simply use the ability, sneak behind a weak enemy like a clanrat and heavy him which activates the crit and vanish. Much less reliable than before but that reliability was overpowered.

Shade backstabb also works on them, pretty sure chaos warrior is the one exception.

But honestly in my option the mistbuild was problematic because it was too strong and too easy to use, this state is less reliable but it is a solid nerf that has a fair condition to be useful. And it does solve the issue of patrols being trivialized by her.

Either you have teammates enabling backstabs or you have a weak enemy in the opposing group you can oneshot during the ability to enable vanish before you go to town with the now active critchance.

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According to the wiki it’s only Chaos Warrior and Standard Bearer who aren’t man sized (Enemies - Vermintide 2 Wiki).

I mean in the literal sense. If we go by ‘words’ Bestigors are not mansized. The player cannot figure those definitions out in game, nor any supposed implications except by testing.

Time to get rid of the crit on Blessed Blade, restore THP on Kill based on the health of the slain target, not the type of enemy, and do whatever Talent or Passive tells us it does. I hate the “hidden mechanics that completely change the ability” narrative that is part of the game.

How would I know, without going into moded for testing, that Limb Splitter doesn’t work for my handgun. Its a flat bonus, like Comrades, so it should apply. Or take Stoicism: Get back 50% of damage taken after 5 seconds. There is half of the description missing, which makes this talent absolutely worthless.

We are not living in the 90s, which had games coming with a novel to understand Talents and Mechanics.

I don’t care if they revert this “bug”, or leave it until up until kingdom come (that equals the duration until VoKT got fixed), but if they fix it, they should document how it is supposed to work in the description.

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Wargors are also not mansized. Rapier crit lights on WHC won’t insta kill them. This isn’t well-known because Wargors have berserker heads and low hp, so crit headshots or crit backstabs on Shade often kill them with raw damage.

That would mean a DD heavy wouldn’t kill an SV on a backstab according to the breakpoint calc without a property/Smiter/EP. Are you sure about this? I’ve never really played Shade much so I could be wrong, but I swear the default ult has always been a single target killer. According to descriptions of Infiltrate found in the older versions of the breakpoint calc all the way back to patch 1.4.1 it did crit for the first attack for the default ult. Any vets want to weigh in on this?

It’s the cooldown that’s the problem. It’s simply too much dps.

I agree the descriptions should be accurate and state what a talent, passive ability or perk does.

Just taking this as a good example. Several descriptions are inaccurate. Even more so if they are not in English but whatever language you speak. To a certain degree I can accept hidnig some information for players to find out themselves. But wrong descriptions or those implying something else should be tackled.

I don’t even understand the issue from an effort perspective. Fatshark can easily outsource this to the community. Give us an Excel Sheet with all of the decriptions where we can read the old description and replace if necessary by the adapted description. Would need some kind of peer-proof-reading system.

But I think if the time and percentage values are getting mixed you have an issue at hand which should be fixed.

That much isnt wrong, but you know the default shade ability is the same as the pain one right? Stealth+ huge damage boost on one attack on a timer. What pain does is just add a secondary stealth effect after that attack without a damage boost.

You could just walk behind a stormvermin patrol and chop half of them down while invisible, then based on the cooldown run back a bit before killing the rest. Strong and easy.

Even if it only gave 20% cdr you still gain a metric ton of cooldown back if you manage to mash hits on something for the duration. At least with SnD or DS.

The base ult has always given a guaranteed crit upon leaving stealth (be it a ranged or melee attack).

Cloak of Pain has also given that guaranteed crit upon leaving the 2nd stealth charge (again, both ranged and melee worked).

Several things got messed up with the release of CW and the issues with Shade ult have been acknowledged as bugs:

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Ah, fair.

Killing an SV pat safely and easily isn’t that impressive. A bomb will do that. What’s too strong is having a stealth dps ult up nearly instantly after getting hit on a dps career. It’s spam at that point. I’m not convinced it needs any CDR at all, nor do I think letting it only taking a minor amount of effort to fill the bar instead of more is acceptable. It’s way too much stealth on demand before even having to kill things.

To clarify – Having a bomb is great, but having a bomb constantly is too good.

Bombs do not kill a whole patrol unless they are standing ontop eachother and you got a str pot going i am pretty sure. And being able to use the ability of any hit isnt particularly amazing for a glass cannon that dies after 2 hits. Literally.

A gor smack does 70% of her health.

If you wana look at something more impressive in terms of trading hits then look at slayer or merc, they can trade and output a lot in turn. Or you can look at unending hunt WHC who can play nearly as sloppy as the…pre-nerf? Pre-bug? Mist shade but also have teamwide utility that yields more.

Particularly noticeable in the chaos wastes.

As for stealth without killing things, no thats not how it works, you´ll be using 100% crit and invis to start a train where you walk through a horde from their backside while just mashing attacks to shear them down.

The problem? Its effective, it´s almost always up, it´s safe and a full activation does as much boss damage as the painbuild. And even with the shorter CD aside you end up doing more boss damage than the painshade even if your team whacks the boss before you can manage to drop the ability again.

No properly speaking the build cannot be balanced no matter what because it is just better than the pain one no matter what. Better at hordes, better at multiple elites, better at bosses…why ever play the pain one again? Picking out a dangerous elite/special from a horde? Not bad but not nearly as useful.

Which i am sad about because i like the pain one more T_T

This is a new thing after CW update.
She used to have a guaranteed crit on first hit of Infiltrate.
Even if I’m wrong about other talents/talentless Infiltrate, it still used to crit on the first strike with a 100% chance with Cloak of the Mist.

I don’t get your point. Let’s nerf Shade even outside of overpowered talent without mentioning it in patch notes simply because it would match the description? Not sure if I agree with that.

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