Career skills still not consistently activating

I made a post about this in January, and it was tagged as “acknowledged”. It’s been over 6 months since then, and it still happens just as frequently now as then. Has any progress been made on squashing the bug?

I’ll just link it here instead of typing out the entire issue once more: Mercenary career skill not consistently activating


We put it in our bug tracker but just haven’t been able to reproduce this yet I’m afraid. Until we can, it’s very tricky to fix.

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Thanks for the reply! I’m still 95% convinced it has something to do with multiple actions happening simultaneously and the ult input getting lost somewhere in there, especially when switching weapons and trying to ult.

I usually record when I play so I’ve got some footage of it happening, would that be helpful?

I had an issue using Slayer’s Leap on the Skittergate’s final fight, it was not the only area where I had it, but it was the most noticeable there. And by saying “issue” I mean it just wasn’t working on a certain parts of terrain, I also had similar problem with BW Firewalk.

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The leap and walk are being looked into.

Careers skills might be being eaten by other inputs. Well check it out thanks!

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You can add Shade’s dash infiltrate to this list. It seems movement ults have trouble activating sometimes. Possibly when there is no space to end up at the end of the dash (because enemies occupy said space)?

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