Getting pushed by enemies cancels career skill animations

Not sure if it’s a straight up bug but it can feel very off-putting and confusing. I recently noticed this and decided to make a short clip.

It’s especially annoying with GK since you’re using his ult always in close combat. But every career skill that can be held by holding the button is affected by this ‘mechanic’.

Usually, you don’t encounter this with ranged ults for obvious reasons. If it happens tho, you’ll most likely get screwed over by it.

Interestingly enough, all the mobility ults that can also be held are not affected:

So, the technology is already there, right? Please adjust, for the sake of consistency and QoL. This might become a bigger factor if one of the new careers also features a melee-focused, holdable ult like GK.

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I Don’t really see this as an issue. Ultimate attacks or throwables get distrupted just as normal attacks would, mobility is not an attack so i think this is consistent. As much as i hate being pushed by an elite and it cancelling my attack or ult, its my fault in the end for being to close.


Yeah this seems intentional and I like it being here.


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