Zealot Dash Cancel Bug

So, much has changed with the game.
Will this annoying issue be ever addressed?

This should have been resolved in an earlier patch, is there no improvement? What is happening exactly?

Basically if youre hit with a ranged attack close to dash activation, whether before or after, dash is completely null and void.

I literally just played a round, where my ability was also cancelled mid-dash by ranged attack, which is new; but I’d disregard it and chalk it up to imagination personally. I really hope that didnt just happen.

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I thought i replied, had it in draft.

hopefully this bug patch is part of that update :upside_down_face:

u can replicate the bug by simultaneously activating dash and getting hit with ranged (after not being damaged for a second)

Pretty sure it only cancels mid-ulti if you lose your toughness, but it can be interrupted right on start by any ranged indeed.

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Also found a new bug while using hammer against plague ogryn.

I somehow died without Holy Revenant ever going off on both up state and downed state/before death.

Finding a way to replicate as I was panic clicking the wrong keys to screenshot.

New game breaking bug. Dogs can go completely stagger proof when on teammates, and (this happened 3 times in a row) Ogryn gets grabbed mid dash by mutant.

Whatevere’s going on behind the scenes, the stagger mechanics are breaking.

Much appreciation Fatshark Julia and the rest of the dev team for doing good on us.
3k added players in a day, I could only imagine how much more players would come back after the game is running cleanly and actual content is added.