New Game Breaking Bugs

Stagger Mechanics are fked up.

  1. While in a game with 2 streamers, a dog went 100% stagger proof against nades/ogryn dash when pounced on a teammate.

  2. (Happened 3 times in a row in the same game) I charged into multiple mutants as ogryn and still got grabbed mid dash. Ogryn dash was then refunded, hence how it happened 3 times in a row.

  3. Was staggering trapper with heavy sword, encircled the trapper, after staggering it 3 times with attacks and the trapper still trapped me when I was hitting it in the back.

The last one, I really hope it was just a one off thing, but #1 & #2 were really really stupid for it to happen out of the blue.
All happened in Damnation High Intensity

Much appreciation Fatshark Julia and the rest of the dev team for doing good on us.
3k added players in a day, I could only imagine how much more players would come back after the game is running cleanly and actual content is added. :blue_heart:

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