Stagger mechanic is just DUMB! ..period

although stagger has been improved a lot since the closed beta it still does not work properly

the mechanics so far were not the best ,but they were INTUITIVE!!

dodging and keeping enemies at distance is what you would normaly do if surrounded by a horde from all sides…I personaly actually blocked more than dodged …I never got the hang of dodging actually…

it did indeed get repetitive and boring after you mastered it …but as I said things were intuitive

stagger on the other hand is totally confusing…

the main point is that “stagger” has absolutely nothing to do with the enemies being PHYSICALY STAGGERED!!

-stagger lasts only for two seconds, while the stagger animations are most of the time much longer than the actual stagger , even more confusing is when enemies get off the ground…the animation lasts about four secs…but they don’t take the increased damage (as it would be intuitive) for the duration of the WHOLE animation.

-so clearly the solution here would be to make the stagger time coincide with the animations

I don’t know if all talents work (wouldn’t be a first time when that happened) but smiter seems to have no effect at all…logically if it counts the first target allways as staggered, than a PUSH-ATACK should instantly inflict the double stagger dmg bonus…so I Push attacked a SV with a zealot ax TWICE!..and still needed two extra hits to finish it off (it took the same four hits it normaly takes without stagger)-I also had pwr vs armor/skaven on charm and 4 stacks of faith …

next dumb thing is horde spacing…enemies clip through eachother to hit you so for ex if you are in a doorway with enemies swarming on you, ALL ENEMIES instantly hit you by clipping through eachother (a thing which was REASONABLE with the old mechanic - because it punished you for being static) and you get like 20 enemies hitting you at once;
this mechanic has no business being in the game now because it makes stagger really tedious and counterintuitive
-so to fix this only the enemies in front should be able to hit you, the exception being enemies with long weapons (spears , polearms)and maybe berserkers who push through the horde -actually a good mechanic for berserkers would be for them to hit everybody including their own allies while frantically whailing to get at you-(this is definetly doable since it is already done with bestigors charging and hitting their own troops, and the bosses who hit everything )

so as much as I would like a more tactical approach (I am an avid chiv mordhau and RUNE player and also darksoulslike games-I actually still play DIE BY THE SWORD from 1997-wich is still the best melee game IMO after al lthese years) this is definetly not it!

logically staggering enemies should not even give any dmg bonus is should give GUARANTEED CRITS…that implementation I personaly think would have actually been much easier

another dumb thing (but wich was allways in the game as far as I remember ) are enemies CLIPPING THROUGH you when they are in your face…they simply vanish from sight while still being physically there and you have to step back to be able to see them…this was not such a big problem before since you generally strived to keep your distance, but now with the stagger mechanic you run a lot into situations where you get blocked by invisible nemies in front of you

so there are a lot of things to fix to actually make stagger work as so far it is like I said in the tile: PLAIN DUMB!


Yep, new stagger sucks!

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