The main difference between dodge and push/stagger

One is reliable while the other is unreliable.

I think FS put too much weight into push/stagger as a defensive mechanic compared to dodge witch got nerfed (and became a bit less reliable). I came to that “conclusion” after playing 6h as client because: (i played 60h the closed beta btw)

-after seeing countless of ennemies just instantly getting up after a stagger and instantly attacking me
-ennemies falling into the floor and completly imune to stagger (they basicaly act as a wall)
-Beastman beeing a total piece of clunkiness (force you to play defensive )
-push not working in hyperdensity or high density (tunnel etc…)
-Squishy career that would like to use 2h weapons have a realy hard time because you need an high attack speed to control horde or to get out of a bad situation (the faster you attack the faster u can block because the attack animation plays faster)
-The slowest packet lost or lag (whatever that means technicaly) staggering becomes USELESS, rip high/moderate ping users
-ennemies range and attack speed seems off especialy for beastman (maybe need more time to get used to it)
-Elites exiting their “staggered” state and instantly starting an attack…
-Running attack dont help at all, forces you even more to hold block while dodging just in case

I m mitigated by the changes because careers like slayer or zealot still feel very strong, IB and FK seems moderate but careers (besides tanks) that dont have any extra mobility and crazy attack speed have an hard time (RV,BH comes to my mind. I didnt play any sienna/elf so far). I think all these changes aren t necessary bad but some career did not get a “pay off” equivalent in their talent tree witch make them struggle more than they should. I m pretty sure that by tweaking weapons a bit, the gameplay experience would be better for exemple an increase attack speed on all/specifik weapon/ or on charm etc…

TL DR : Things that required 2 dodges in the past, require now extra mechanic (using push and trying to stagger stuff by hitting it) witch are unreliable but can be overcomed with high attack speed and/or higher mobility. Given that fatshark didnt fix any of the issue listed i belive that higher attack speed and higher mobility are needed. Difficulty at the cost of fun aint worth it (unless ur a push/block spammer fanatic).


Because everyone before was a dodge fanatic?

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