The stagger system is just solving the problem with a sledgehammer

Big problem before the update was dodge reigning over everything else. As a result, 2H handers and shields were in a tight spot, shields particularly since they don’t even bring the offense compared to 2H. There was cryout for shields for a long time and they deserved it. However there was no need to overhaul the whole system to buff shields.
I haven’t played too much to realise just how different new dodge is, but that was a step in the right direction. However, the usual damage I see (without horde) on Legend is 50 HP, that’s a down in 2-3 hits in most cases. The gameplay loop was basically a rocket tag, the problem is that it was too easy to not get hit. Fast paced, fluid gameplay was basically the reason to keep playing, not grinding for levels and talents we already have.
There was no need for overhauling HP, adding another level tier to fit new skills solely for the purpose of buffing stagger. Just make shields actually better at blocking. The game has so many enemies, having slightly bigger stamina pool doesn’t do anything for blocking. Add this existing system (stagger increases damage taken) to shields only if you want them to contribute to damage. Why does everything else need to change?
There are other similar cases, like cutting armor damage AND monster damage for BoP (which was pretty overwhelming compared to other ranged options, aside from Xbow on BH). Cleave THP is non-existent right now, and it was a top choice before (kill THP was still a strong contender). Shotguns getting decrease for everything and removing Scrounger from melee completely.


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