Stagger issue (player side)

i think that amount of stagger in this game is unacceptable.
personally i’d like to remove it completely, because i hate when your movement in games being limited by anything in general.
in darktide stagger is not only annoying but sometimes unfair, it creates unavoidable situations.
i don’t exactly sure what is the reason to have stagger in your game at all. it must be a really good one, otherwise it doesn’t worth the frustration it creates.

only reason for having stagger in such amount in darktide i see, is to reduce aggression by having it feel bad or even impossible sometimes.
aggression feels good because of the momentum, constant action and adrenaline.
stagger interupts those things, leaning you to more passive gameplay.

i doubt that it will be removed, but it needs to be reduced at very least.

here is a couple of my stagger issue examples in game:

unable to dodge specials sometimes

here i got lucky, my teammates saved me from inevitable pounce


my every offence attempt interrupted, forcing me to passively block.

just unable to do anything for 2 or 3 seconds in the middle of a horde.

with all that said. i have to say that stagger is still not an excuse for a bad play.


Ranged stagger just needs to go period. Some melee stagger is questionable as well, like what’s the point of blocking attacks if the mere act of blocking gets you staggered sometimes (not talking about elites here).


have some more

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I was going to start a new thread, but this looks like a good place like any.

I don’t mind melee stagger as this is usually manageable, but there are a number of ranged and special stagger triggers which should not exist:

  • Getting your toughness broken should NOT interrupt player action, like shooting and movement
  • Ranged fire should not deny players movement
  • Fire grenades explosions, hound landing near by, mutant climbing a ledge next to you should NOT deny players movement.

Stop designing your games around denying player action, Fatshark. Those interruptions just lead to frustration, considering how many sources of ranged fire we have in the game on higher difficulties.