What keeps me from playing Darktide

  1. No HI STG maps, i.e. no appropriate difficulty available. Give us a 6th difficulty which is HI STG please. It’s so freaking annoying to play right now: Check the mission board-website the whole day to see if HI STG is on, if yes me and my friend log in and are happy, just to see none after this map,… maybe for 30mins, maybe the rest of the evening, who knows? It’s like stripping us of the choice when to play.
    You could also add custom games and a lobby browser (so ppl can find other custom games and group up). Quickplay to jump into custom games could also be a choice… but you already killed your quickplay option by giving it no options (or preference choices) but introduce HI and LowInt which have a huge difficulty gap.

  2. Improving gearwise or trying different builds is a frustrating slog. My Oggy still has the same lacking curios equipped for over 500hrs now - looking in the shop every hour/day to hopefully find a good base to hopefully upgrade it to a satisfying tier is so hilariously time-consuming and frustrating I gave up on it. Crafting a new weapon without mods? oh boy pity those fools. Even with mods, it’s still very time consuming and frustrating due to your QoL lacking interface. Not to speak how expensive it is.

  3. Unintuitive and player unfriendly elements:
    Dogs having hyper stagger-resistance when not targeting you, just to switch target and pounce you in the next millisec.
    Hit registration problems on fast enemies like dogs and muties. Especially dog’s mechanic would greatly improve if you’d slow them down by 20-30%. Right now, they are such a meme, i never know if I should laugh or cry about them. All of this is topped by dogs being completely stagger immune sometimes. Who tf greenlit those janky dogs in a game where improving in skill is the main drive? To have that a satisfying experience you have elements to be learnable/reliable.
    Enemies not carrying over their stagger-meter when interacting with the level. i.e. dogs jumping over a box, a trapper dropping down somewhere. You hit em a millisec too early with your grenade gauntlet’s grenade? No impact.
    Small enemies on the ground between their friend’s corpses completely blocking your movement. Boy they should just die if my Oggy moves over them.
    Barrel’s explosion hit you with full force even at outest radius - that’s not how physics work and what players intuitivly expect.
    Snipers giving you no time to react.
    Bomber’s grenade’s stun shouldn’t interrupt a charge ultimate.
    A single Reaper shooting from so far away he could be from another map shouldnt shove my Oggy all over the map, hindering me to do anything. Also, having them shooting some tracers would be nice to actually see where these stupid push-bullets are coming from.

My third point isn’t actually keeping me from playing Darktide, but i wanted to give feedback about these frustrators anyway :slight_smile:


They do actually have tracers. Just so you know.
Also bullets maintain quite a significant portion of their velocity at long ranges.

I hate this so much and I agree with you entirely. Its so annoying.

All other points I’m pretty much with you on.

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That’s not necessarily true, and is dependent on the caliber. A .223 will likely lose 50% of its momentum at 500yds, where a .308 will lose about 33%.

I don’t really play ogryn, so you tell me if it’s already like this, but it seems they would benefit from a lower stagger profile against ranged, just in general, because it tends to be much more unavoidable in their case.

I also agree with everything there.

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The heavy stubber is visually a close match to most modern HMGs like the M2 .50cal machinegun. You can expect that at the sub 100m ranges we are almost always engaging at, that it will have almost all of the requisite velocity.

But ogryn already does have a reduced stagger profile. Its quite noticable compared to my zealot.

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Their effing ‘diagetic’ progress bars for when you use something or are trying to save someone. Half the time it appears off camera so you don’t know your progress, and because it’s server based you have to wait a tick or two after the bar is finished (if it’s visible) for the action to be acknowledged as completed.

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Give it up bro, master gatekeeper Fatshark wont listen to us. I never play this game when at minimum hi intensity isnt up but preferably hi intense shock gauntlet. Of course you need to get lucky, maybe next week gauntlet will be up, so fun!!! Regular damnation is laughably easy and i dont even want to mention low intensity, it should just be removed. Such a shame too, I have put 700 hours in currently so i clearly love the core game. Ive pretty much lost all hope of them ever changing anything in a tangible way. The new mission is good but the implementation is so poor. After one regular match to learn the layout i was ready to play it on hi intensity shock gauntlet but nah, us peasant players arent worthy enough of picking the modifier ourselves so you rely on master gatekeeper Fatshark to put hi intensity on there. Also, why gatekeep the second mission behind a community “event?” Just let us play the other mission FFS. But that wouldnt work because this is, of course, master gatekeeper Fatshark. They have to gatekeep even new content. If anyone read this thanks, this is a rant because of how fed up i am with the way Fatshark has handled this phenomal game. Sad thing is, the two main issues, in theory, are simple fixes. Remove crafting locks and remove RNG mission modifiers. So simple. Ah well, one can dream.


Ye the most frustrating part is how simple those 2 main issues could be fixed but aren’t.