Difficulty too low, game session canceled

From now on every time I boot up darktide and try to have fun but instead just close the game because there’s nothing I want to play on the mission board I will tally it in this post. I encourage others to do the same and keep their posts up to date.

By the way, all that needs to happen for this to never be a thing is to systematically ensure there is always one hi-int class mission within the level 5 mission screen.

Days logged:

Count of times I closed the game or didn’t boot it instead of playing due to available missions:

Count of times other players closed the game instead of playing due to available missions:

Suboptimal Games:

Server Crashes:

Event 1: 03/28/2023 at 17:09 PM US Central

Event 2: 03/28/2023 at 17:58 PM US Central

By the way I happen to be on an unexpected vacation this week so I have a bit more time to play than usual.


I hate that low priority modifies seem to come in groups. When they’re up in rotation, that’s all there is, which means there is no fun to be had the next half hour. There should always be at least one non-low priority modifier on the board for damnation difficulty.


Entry 3: 19:05 on 03/28/2023

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There shouldn’t be more than one low priority modifier for Damnation active at a time, but I hope they stick around as it’s the fastest way to grind some Plasteel.


I like that you’re hand-drawing the emojis every time, adds a nice personal touch


Yet another post about how the lack of being able to choose your mission level, difficulty and condition is frustrating to the playerbase.



Don’t even bother signing in. Just use the tools.


But still make custom emojis for it being bad, screen cap.


Bring lower base rating items into the mission. Create your own difficulty.

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I will start using this tool, thank you fellow.
After an extremely dull Enclavum Barros mission Throneside Hi-Int (seriously why is that map so dull?) and an absolutely ROUSING game of Hi-int Shock Troops on Consignment yard (shout out to my excellent team for a fabulous victory). I am saddened to report there’s nothing on the board that especially interests me.

Noted: 20:05 Central US on 03/28/2023


Geee if only there was a simple solution to all these issues. Sadly we are decades away from our scientists discovering how to allow players to select specific missions with specific modifiers at will.

We are only 20 years away folks…


It’s called P2P, have you heard of it? Instead of hosting expensive servers in data centers we let the players host the games! That way it automatically scales up and down with the players, and we, the developers, don’t have to rely on MTX to make our game cost effective!


Which also solves the problem with server cost and the studio pulling the plug on the game as soon as they stop paying for the servers.


While I agree there should be map and modifier selectors, have you tried to damnation quick-play? I get thrown into sub-optimal struggling groups a lot and its fun to try and pish towards the win. I think people get a bit hung up over the “waah there isn’t high intensity shock troop only” when there are still challenging scenarios that can happen in Quickplay.

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I can’t play QP anymore because low int is so slow. Otherwise I would agree with you.

I already use mid to low tier gear like hammers and shotguns. Running greys would just be equivalent to turning the enemy HP up. I hate bullet soaks.

UPDATE: 15:40~ US Central 03/29/2023

I like refinery and a friend was playing with me so we engaged in a suboptimal mission.|
The game threw a few curveballs at us, like 5 muties. Guess it heard us talking smack about normal damnation.

ENTRY 5: 19:30 US Central 03/29/2023

I am pending this mission to cycle. The one replaced by Hab Drayco low int was ALSO low int. So I am just hanging out for a bit to see if I play Coms Plex (which I like because the midpoint is generally hard).

ENTRY 6: 19:36 US Central 03/29/2023




Shortly into the mission, before the midpoint, the server crashed :slight_smile:

ENTRY 6: 19:50 Central US 03/29/2023

The mission I kind of like was replaced by a mission I like but don’t like enough to really enjoy on this lower difficulty. Perhaps I will take a moment to allow this to cycle and maybe play Ogryn for a bit. I have wanted to try out the new heaviest stubber. Oopsies. I forgot. I have no money and no mats because neither carry between characters. Well, I guess I can run a mission as an ogryn to get enough money to try my luck at Brunts.

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After 2 horribly boring mission waiting for a high gauntlet or at least ANY high T5 mission, I just left the game.
Im here, waiting for the dumb “time” on mission board to run out, expecting something interesting. 2 new mission appears : 1 low 1 normal and still 15 min on the other low.
So I have to play boring game or leave. So I left.

And … at this point, tbh, I don’t feel like Fatshark consider "player looking for hard mod "wants. Only matters the player grinding to pump up Steam Chart.

I hope I m wrong, and something 'll be done soon.
For now, I decided to uninstall the game, because I won’t play a restricted game with grinding without endgame purpose.

So ok, as I said in another post, High T5 gauntlet is cool… But sorry, it’s not enough, it should have been here from start and we shouldn’t have to pray to be allowed to play it.
Going in the right direction is not enough when you have such delay.

Sorry for being a bit grumpy, I m just a little frustrated I guess. Time to move on.


ENTRY 7: 21:53 US Central 03/30/2023
I had a few good games today but I have just settled back in after many chores and am excited to —

Oh wait. Well I can only play right now for a little so I guess I will try out that deimos force sword in a real game on my psyker. I was hoping for another rousing zealot game but…sub optimal it is.

Ok , not a great start.
So I requeued into a game with 3 psykers and a zealot who was new to Damnation games. We had a good run but man I am a mediocre psyker compared to my zealot gameplay. Deimos is very fun though. Got better as the game went on, but my game sense is totally centered on what I can get away with as a zealot. This feels much more defensive.

We wiped at the end point as I expected. No offense to anyone it was a fun game. Got no-warning murdered by a door spawn full of dreg shooters. One volley and TOAST.

Anyway I guess its more suboptimal games for me tonight.
ENTRY 8: 22:34 US Central 03/30/2023

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