Fatshark, please

Having two out of the three available Damnation missions be Low Intensity at the same is getting a little silly. Damnation is the only difficulty that I see this happen on over and over. A lot of us are trying really hard to like this random mission/conditions thing but you’re making it incredibly hard. Most people that are playing on Damnation difficulty are there for the difficulty. It feels like you guys are trying to kill off your veteran game base. Please, give more High-Instensity, or High-Intensity + literally any other condition in Damnation more regularly. High Intensity feels like a once a week thing now and only for a few short hours if that.

Being forced to use a mod to save a mission/s with the conditions we want to play is not a good look for you guys. Even with the mod, you can only host private games so the people who don’t have some friends to game with will never even get that little bit of enjoyment.


It’s terrible. I also brought this up, but no response:

I started using this site to determine whether there was a reason to login and it saved me a lot of time: Live Mission Board Tracker for Darktide.

They really should just create a new difficulty that has slightly increased special spawn rate from damnation and +40% increased change to receive a midlevel boss mutation.

It would make getting High Intensity modifier on difficulty 6 a true challenge and satisfy the hardcore crowd.


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