Reduce Low Intensity Frequency on Damnation

Low intensity is coming up too frequently on damnation. Since material rewards are highest on damnation, its common that the only missions you can find are low priority ones when they’re in rotation, as players are trying to grind materials. I think the best solution is to increase the material rewards on heresy. Make the rewards for difficulty 4 and 5 identical, as it was in Vermintide 2. This was a nice way to insulate the top difficulty from the loot grind, freeing it to be balanced purely for challenge and fun.


That’s a great idea. There are a lot of players doing damnation who really have no business being there but probably feel pressured to step up because that’s where the best loot is.

IMO the scaling for all reward systems, xp/credits/crafting materials/emperor gift rolls etc, should top out at heresy high intensity. Anything beyond that should be something you opt into as an additional challenge and not because you need loot. The same way Legend and Cataclysm are balanced in vermintide.

I’m fine with damnation tourists, it makes you appreciate those people who know what they are doing. When people cooperate, are friendly and use VOIP, that is just godlike player level and often ends up with a friend list invite.

Think about the Sunday Damnation players as an extra difficulty modifier, which occasionally pays off :smile:


Unfortunately I think this is a one or the other situation. Low intensity matches are what draws the less experienced crowd, but I find the reduced difficulty is not made up for by the potentially less skilled players. Low intensity is just too boring. I like playing with new people too, but not on a lower difficulty level.

Low intensity is definitely introductory. What I don’t understand is why there is more than 1 at a time going on frequently. Just hard cap the limit to 1.

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I for one don’t mind low-intensity damnation because I am currently grinding special condition missions.

I feel however that Heresy has become redundant.


0% seems about the proper frequency of Low Intensity.

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Completely disagree with you. If u want more rewards go do difficult mission, end of the story. Low intensity mod should be deleted from the game at all.


or just remove it.

I tried to read this thread but the sweat got in my eyes and it stings.

Low intensity should not act as a mission parameter bonus

Really, why does it ?

It should lower rewards altogether, exclusively played by people who want to dip their toes in higher difficulties for the first time

And yes, reduce its frequency, or make just one available at all times but just the one

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I’m fine with low intensity existing but its really confusing to me that it gives a bonus to resources when its significantly easier and sometimes even easier than typical heresy runs.
I would also generally like that whenever there is low intensity map in the rotation you would also have an high intensity counterpart to choose from.

Its actually really good modifier for those who want to test their toes in new difficulties but you really don’t need it to be so frequent.

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After last patch they give no bonuses. I have a feeling that people on the forums never read patchnotes…

Yeah i did not notice it on first reading and it certainly does not help that fatshark uses wording such as

  • Low Resistance:
    • No change
      When ingame its high intensity / low intensity.

Either way its a good change then.

My apologies, u are just 5th person in row like that, so i outburst a bit.

Since the change to the map consistently having 3 damnation missions with faster rotations i am usually able to find a mission to play. At least 1 normal damnation is worth my time until i can get a hi-int. It seems like an unintended consequence of this, however, is that 2 of 3 missions are always sharing the same modifier. This means its feast or famine on hi-int or low-int. If i see a low int it will always be 2 and i will have to play normal or just wait it out. This happens a lot.

I probably shouldn’t double post as a general rule. But its a new day.

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