There should never be 2 Low Intensity Damnation missions

Another way of putting this, there should ALWAYS be something harder than a vanilla Damnation mission. For people who’ve been playing a while, the “choice” above is between boring or very boring. I just quit the game when this is the board because it’s not fun. Please, just make one always have some non-low intensity modifier. Bonus points if you always have Shocktroop Gauntlet available.

And after 20 missions of Dogs … it’s no fun. They just stop the flow of the game while you wait for them, kill them, and then go on with the mission. Not the most dynamic game play.



Again. Quit the game because vanilla T5 is the hardest available since both modifier slots are occupied by low intensity.


In my personal experience, I have only ever encountered 2 low intensity modifiers if one of them had another event tied to it (sniper gauntlet, dogs, etc.). I didn’t think that this was possible honestly, and it’s kind of atrocious that it is.

At minimum there should be at least 1 high intensity for every difficulty imo. Wouldn’t be the most ideal solution but would alleviate a lot of peoples problems while hopefully not requiring too much backend work compared to full mission selection.

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