My thoughts and wishes for the future

I’ve played Darktide for 126 hours now, not a little, but not as much as other people either.
I really want to enjoy the game as much as Vermintide 1 and 2, but it’s a bit difficult for me.

I have a lot of fun playing level 5 missions with friends and also randoms, but there are not that many, or some missions are extremely rare.
I was only able to play 3 missions 3 times, 1 time and again 3 times.

It may be a bit much to ask, but I wish for the future that the missions on the mission board dont have a difficulty, but that we can set the difficulty when starting the mission
and that there are more missions to choose from.
I think it’s a shame to play the same three missions at level 5, because often there aren’t any others.

In the beta we also had relics alongside tomes and grimoires.
What happened to them?

At the beginning I assumed that diamantine is rarer than plasteel, upgrading objects also costs more plasteel than diamantine.

However, now I have 6000 diamantine and almost no plasteel ~ 100.

I hope that this will also be adjusted a little. I got most of it at level 5.
But maybe I don’t see far enough and the full crafting needs a lot of diamantine.

Bots aren’t great. I’ve joined missions right at the start a few times and only had half my life with almost full curse because the bot that was there just ran in or was overrun while the players had no problems.

I also wish for a more difficult difficulty than 5, with friends we often run through high-intensity missions without much resistance.

I didn’t mention everything, dedicated servers, weapon balance, the weekly missions with the side objective…
Furthermore, I also see that other people have left this or other criticism.

I really hope that Darktide will move in a good direction in the future and become as good as Vermintide.


Go back and play lower level missions, Malice is the most balance for getting both imo, I quickplay uprising for PS quite often, easy missions playing with people leveling or farming as well, less clicking per minute, less frustration, more gg m8’s.

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