Completed previous Mission difficulty

In Vermintide 2, it was necessary to complete the missions on the previous difficulty before you could progress to first Legend, then Cataclysm.

I’d like to see this in Darktide, to encourage players to practice skills in Heresy, before queuing for Damnation.

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That could get a bit messy with the random mission availability system, it would take away even more player agency if you get locked out of a portion of the already limited list of available quests because they haven’t come up on the mission board at a lower difficulty before.

I’m specifically referring to the jump from Heresy to Damnation, that still leaves everything from Heresy downward for finding quest missions. I don’t think it would limit much at all, since theres never more than 2 Damnation missions on the board.


Having thought about it, you probably mean finding each mission in order to unlock Damnation. I’d easily circumvent that issue by making it mission type; so Espionage, Investigation, Strike etc,(just like the penance,) that way you’re not looking for a specific map, just each mission type.

That can still take a very long time if you are unlucky.
I would suggest to just require people to clear any 10 missions on heresy to unlock damnation.

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