Suggestions: Require Damnation players to be Level 30 and to have completed the "Do Every Map Type" penance on heresy

Suggestions: Require Damnation players to be Level 30 and to have completed the “Do Every Map Type once” Penance (name?) on Heresy.

IIRC VT2 had the kill every lord on Legend for Cataclysm.


P.S. Can you fix the votekick menu to be non-blocking (modeless) please as in VT2; I know you hear this a lot but it is a pretty big deal.
P.P.S. Increase block list size or go back to use the Steam system.
P.P.P.S Yes after map fixes OFC, and as has been suggested before numerous times, SKIP restrictions for private lobbies.


Until they fix the mission board to not be terrible, that’s a pretty… rough idea. I ended up finishing the penance on damnation IIRC, because it did not want to give me a heresy investigation mission at the times I played. This was despite having been playing damnation for about a week or so at the time. I’ve seen similar sentiments expressed both here and elsewhere.

Not touching the rest as I don’t feel like getting into it. Again.

Assuming he even sees this since he might have blocked me on here. He apparently did on Reddit for disagreeing on a similar topic. :man_shrugging:


I mean it’s not going to be the same for everyone, but for me, completing Legend and moving up to Cataclysm felt like an achievement in Vermintide 2. And lets be real, Datktide is really lacking any sense of progression or achievement.

I absolutely agree, the mission board needs to be fixed first, but after that, I’d personally love to see Heresy be required before you play Damnation.

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Imagine not being able to play Damnation for months, because the quest roulette doesn’t align with your game schedule.


Uhhhhh no. I like to carry low level characters my friends make through damnation. Its not that hard…

P.P.P.S Yes after map fixes OFC, and as has been suggested before numerous SKIP this rule for private lobbies.

You want to carry your lowbie friends you can make a 2 player private server instance currently as well.
Edit: looks like I replied to the griefer and his Steam friends that I blocked on Steam already, live and learn.
Looks like Haiboku is Steam friends w/ Stompt, did he message you to come to his aid? Very sad. Proved my point about the block list though.

Yeah, there needs to be a much higher barrier to entry. It aas nice of them to not prevent entry for all the VT vets who can dodge dance while asleep, but in practice – there’s just too many noobs who don’t even understand the game queueing for Heresy and Damnation.


No… no need for such limitations

There is already limitations in the game. At level 2 you can’t play malice etc.

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Had a level 18 join Damnation join right after map started last night. Took me 15 minutes to realize he was 18.
He got revived, died. Got revived, died. Used med station died. I honestly thought he was a bot for a second. I stood there for 15s pinging ammo waiting for him to take it but he wouldn’t and he needed it as he just got untied, that’s when I looked. Mofo was just there for free ride, couldn’t even be bothered to mooch off heresy, or maybe they kicked him.

Votekick in ours didn’t go through because the weakest of the 3 other players didn’t want to (Stubber spam ogryn who barely switches off it to melee, you know the type) so I left.

It’s a far too common scenario.


Maybe increase the level to 20-25. But other than that I would say no.

I actually don’t care if a level 5 goes into damnation if I’m honest. But people need to learn that going up in difficulty means that they need to be prepared for it.

If someone has 4 level 30 characters with all godrolls and wants to challenge himself because he’s intricately familiar with the systems then they should be allowed in. But if it’s your first character, with weapons they don’t know how to optimize yet, and little knowledge of the systems or what’s expected of them, they shouldn’t go to higher difficulties to begin with. People need to have some awareness of their own skills.

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Therein lies the rub, people seem to be skipping Heresy and going straight into damnation expecting a carry; there’s nothing preventing them from doing so.
Seems like 30% of the Damnation players, and I’m being generous, would have a very difficult time in Heresy. They eat all the resources, aggro all the distant elites, run off alone, go down all the time . They just expect the other 3 to carry, except it’s very often 2 or even 3 of them in a group there for a carry; it gets old fast.

I mean hel put a min L30 if it’s your 1st toon and haven’t done missions in heresy (if fixed) gate or something, anything. 25 if it’s a 2nd char etc.

Having zero requirements to get to Damnation is just silly., even VT2 had an easy requirement.