When is the next treath level coming out?

Seems most people run Damnation fairly consistently now, even with the odd modifier on and grim carried.

So what’s next? Do we get Damnation 2 anytime soon?


“Most people” can’t clear Heresy consistently.


Sorry, most people on heresy seem to be able to clear heresy. I don’t have a number on this like you do, but the pugs I’ve been playing this week I’ve been consistently winning without having to hard carry.

Of course a lot of players are going to stay on Malice, just like many in VT didn’t even try Cata, which is why that specific achievement is not representative of the Heresy players.

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to be fair your original post did sound like you were saying most people are running damnation

as to a new difficulty well some guy posted the damnation version of that perk and it was 0.3% so i dont think its going to be a high priority for a while .
didnt cata come with Winds of magic? thats what the wiki is saying but i dont recall.

Sorry, le english is my third language, sometimes it comes out poorly!

Cata came with WoM, yes, way to late, so I hope we don’t end up in the same situation with DT. It’ll be boring to play only Damnation for two years before getting a challenge.
DT does not exist in a vaccuum. Fatshark will have to realize that a lot of players are going to have a thousand hours of VT experience, and the base challenge of DT needs to be adjusted accordingly.

EDIT: also, no modded realm means no modded difficulty tiers. That should be compensated for in the base game.


i agree, unfortunately given what is missing from the game right now i just dont see them having time for a new difficulty very fast. but im just guessing maybe get lucky :wink:

Haha, them number kinda messing with your argument, however i have the same experience ringht now. I have not compleated all missions on Heresy or higher, but that is because off mission faild like 20% off the time and the missions to choose from the missionboard like 80% off the time. Numbers are out off a place with no sun shining, but i think you get my point :slight_smile: This is btw 16 days after full release and if i already can clear the hardest difficulty with pugs that is kinda meh for da future.

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Not sure if that is news to you, but “most people” here refers to the playerbase as a whole. Of course the people playing the higher diffs are now semi-competent at clearing them, but if those peeps only amount to 1.8% of the playerbase give and take, then that is not going to be a priority for the studio for a long long time. There are simply substantially more pressing matters right now.

the archivement does not depict the active playerbase,

its common knowlege that after a game release a huge portion of initial buyers are leaving rather quickly

we can easily assume that 1.8% is a much larger portion of the active playerbase

only 26.6% actually played witcher3 long enough to find ciri (thats the main plot of the game)
so if you were add a dlc that starts after finding her you might wana cater to these 26% right?

same logic with the 1.8%

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That is true ofc, but one that is why I wrote give and take and two asking for new diffs shortly after such a disastrous launch is just silly.
The majority will chill on malice and loosing some players at the top end is simply not relevant enough in the grand scheme of things (even if I fall among the later).

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Now you’re making me feel unloved :broken_heart:

Sorry to hear that, but I believe in having realistic expectations. I mean if they do release another diff all power to the devs, but it is just way down the priority ladder atm and the foreseeable future.

Bumping this, since fatshark is looking for constructive criticism apparently :upside_down_face:

Dont give them actual numbers, objective reality doesn’t matter to them, their experience should dictate how the game develops, apparently.

To be fair the number has changed. Now about 5000 players have that achievement, that probably includes most people who still play the game.

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It’s not representative. Most people droped this game and not playing it at all. Just look at that. It is for lvl 30 character.

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Next Week ™.

I agree with 1Cake.
There are yet people that don’t know the basis…
The boss, you must attack with melee weapon. A team died today, cause I was the only one to attack it with a melee weapon… other were trying to attack with lasguns…

Other example:
How many don’t know that, in damnation, if there’s not one player by bulb you cannot clear a demonic infestation? lost many games with that. Today in heresy we were only two at trying to clear them, hopefully in heresy you get few seconds before bulb reappears.

There are many example… in lab dreyko, one game I had to find all samples cause others were busy at killing mobs… But off course without even trying to protect me

Many times I have seen people that don’t know that you have to do the current objective to… survive.

So, yes you’re right, not all can do easily heresy… and by the way, damnation.

However, I think that the op is right. I consider damnation as a challenge. But, i can understand that several need something harder.
I think it will come… but off course, not now…

Don’t know about Smelter Complex, but on Silo Cluster it’s doable even in duo on Damnation, if someone got weapon that can oneshot bulb - ogryn’s GG/kickback. A bit tricky if noone got such weapon - you need zealot, he can destroy one bulb and dash to another one, did it once with some random dude in psyker+zealot composition, cause noone was joining our game lol. But overall - it is like in V2, Cataclysm is somehow easier than Legend, because players are mostly expirienced veterans and they will do what you expect from players on highest difficulty so you can focus on your game.

It is representative enough because the percentage went up while the number of active players went down.

Darktide has a lifetime peak of 107450 players. Daily average players for the last 30 days is around 5 thousand people. That’s about 5% of the peak number. 4,4% of players have Inqusitorial Legend IV. I have a theory, that many people who put in enough time to get that achivement would stick around. There are also probably some active players stuck at 6/7 progress. So I guess as of today, most active players either play heresy+ on a regular, or at least attempt to do it sometimes.

I am aware that lifetime peak is not copies sold total.
I am also aware that I compare a peak value and an average value.
However, that’s all actual numbers we’ve got.