Why does Heresy difficulty exist?

“Heresy”, or Difficulty 4, seems to serve little purpose right now, because it doesn’t really feel like it is the small jump up from Malice that people want. It also, unlike in Vermintide 2, isn’t required to complete to unlock Damnation. And finally, if it was intended as a maximum difficulty during levels 15-25, it’s purpose is far too short term to have any meaning.

I made a topic recently in this section saying how I think Heresy should, in some way, be required to complete first before moving onto Damnation. But I think even that seems too short term.

Maybe if higher difficulties rewarded much greater resources? That might make Heresy more appealing to farm, but even then the difficulty of it, and lack of reward for failing runs, means that Heresy difficulty just doesn’t seem worth it. Better to safely farm Malice, right?

I’d like to see Heresy either get adjusted in difficulty slighty, to make it still more challenging than Malice, but more manageable. That would then make Damnation what it should be, the big challenge.

I’d love to hear other peoples opinions on Heresy difficulty, whether people regularly run it, or if they like me just ignore it for either Malice, or Damnation?

I’ve pretty much avoided Damnation and stuck with Heresy. One big factor for why is Heresy seems to have better matchmaking. Another reason why is I think sometimes the AI manager goes bonkers in Damnation.

Be me and a buddy (I think it was Magistrati? where you drop into some tunnels and a sewage area, and later have to wait for the “ascender”) match into a PUG and manage to have 2 other people for a full team of 4! Great! Drop into tunnel, only one way out. A reaper! No biggie. Wait… 3 reapers? Manageable. Wait… 4 reapers and a Bulwark? And is that a bunch of Dreg Gunners behind them? Oh nice, a Flamer? Thankfully, no Pox Burster. Anyway, proceed to area right before the Ascender event. Hey, a Daemonhost right in the middle of the first platform! No Biggie, hug the sides and proceed near the Medicae Terminal. Small group of Scab ranged enemies, no problem! Enter Volley Fire with Counterfire and Unwavering Focus, proceed to light up said group. Suddenly torrents of Yellow stream down both sides of the stairs. Start lighting up Yellow as fast as possible. Not fast enough. Oh crap! Suddenly melee Scabs to the left of me, Scabs to the right! Stuck in the middle in poo… Icing on the cake? the 5 Scab Gunners came down the stairs and proceeded to light me up like the 4th of July. Team overwhelmed by the largest light-show in Tertium. Game. Set. Match.

edit Forgot to add, the whole bit with the reapers and bulwarks and gunners and flamers didn’t end there, it lasted with a never-ending horde until we got to the opening of that first sewer region. First time I’ve dumped near two-thirds of my ammo in the first 4 minutes

That was on a “regular intensity” mission, no modifiers, nothing. I’ve never experienced anything that intense. So finding a PUG is hard enough, but if the AI manager is going to throw that at me? No thanks, I think I’ll just stick in Heresy where I can deal with the AI’s shenanigans.


I don’t know I Enjoy Heresy it’s a good challenge that requires good team work, but Damnation yea that just feels like murder and there’s really no benefit to do it since it only gives more exp which atm is useless once you hit 30, Malice is the way to go for plat/script and grim runs cause it’s the most balanced, I personally think the only tough part about Heresy is the assassination ones with bosses there pretty tough, but other than the bosses I think heresy is pretty balanced, but that’s just my take on it =)

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Heresy is for leveling up from 15 to 30

I’m not trying to be elitist, but Malice is boring as hell once you’re good at the game. Heresy is pretty easy too, but fine. If you want to rebalance Heresy so that the steps from Malice to Heresy to Damnation are cleaner then I could see myself supporting that, but I would rather the people playing the harder difficulties are there to play the harder difficulties and not to farm resources.


I mean as long as some people are enjoying Heresy, then it’s doing its job.

I purely use Malice for smashing out weeklies, and chill farming runs. All the rest of my time is spent seeing how hard I can push Damnation, for the challenge of it. Thats my biggest issue with Heresy, personally it seems irrelevant.

Hopefully Fatshark manage to address the matchmaking issues (namely people having to use the F10 requeue trick to find groups, especially on Damnation).

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Personally I want guaranteed plasteel/diamante rewards upon mission completion, with amount tied to difficulty. For people without premades Heresy could be a relatively reliable materials farm that ends up being more lucrative than Damnation due to run length and higher win rate.

I don’t wanna push people into Damnation too hard for farming reasons as that will likely turn it toxic. Malice can stay prime weekly farming spot for most then Heresy can be the best materials farm with Damnation being comparable or better only with high win rate.


I like low-intensity Heresy because the servers chug a lot less than normal Heresy, in which melee combat is about as responsive as a dead slug.
Also it’s much faster to complete. Feels a lot closer to VT2’s Legend.

I am level 30 - I don’t have much time in a week to play. So all the reflexes and learnings are not there yet to play damnation. Heresy is where I go, when I want a challenge. Especially because I have to do it with randos who are hit or miss in these missions (looking at you damn rushers dying alone in a small corridor 4 kilometers ahead of the group).
Just because it is not for you doesn’t mean everybody else is on the same page.

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Because it’s the intermediate difficulty between malice and damnation?

I’m genuinely not understanding the question. It fills in the gap perfectly fine for people confident even at lower levels (EG: I went into heresy ~level 10-12 on my characters and did fine), for people not as confident in themselves but are higher level (Whatever the reason may be, and there’s nothing wrong with that), for people used to damnation who want to relax some, and for people trying to improve while moving out of the pretty easy (once you have core gameplay down) malice.

I don’t mean any of the above maliciously (heh), for the record, before somebody finds a way to take offense. Not everything needs to give crazy amounts more loot to be worth running, I think the general numbers are fine, the bigger issue right now is the mess that is ‘crafting,’ not the difficulties themselves.

The one thing I’ll comment on directly:

I’d like to see Heresy either get adjusted in difficulty slighty, to make it still more challenging than Malice, but more manageable. That would then make Damnation what it should be, the big challenge.

More manageable? It’s already completely manageable. Making it any easier would just equate to ~high intensity malice.

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Yeah, I find Malice trivial and Heresy really hard… but it depends on the group. Let’s just say that I can carry a bad group on Malice but not on Heresy. Maybe in the future.


Imho they should tweak the resource distribution and make Heresy be the sweet spot for Plasteel and Diamantine regarding difficutly and reward.
This requires that all Difficulties provide a good balance of both ressources and not Malice beeing the sweetspot, while when playing Heresy or Damnation you allways run out of plasteel very quick.

Sedition and Uprising to me are difficulties to level your class up.
Mybe some grind them to do 25 Missions quickly, but i think thats really odd and boring as hell and if you really feel the need to do the weeklies for all 4 classes ok, but it’s not for me. Although i played really a lot until i allways only do the weekly for 1 Character.
I once did it for two and it stressed me already.
This said i like that the amount of missions you have to do for weeklies are balanced around one class.

Atm Malice is the most populated difficulty as most people can do it without to fail and get the best balanced amount of ressources for crafting.
Heresy requires a decent team and can still fail if you have bad luck with spawns or have someone in the team struggling.

Damnation i play mostly and only with premade team, the fail rate in pugs is too high for me.

So unless i misunderstood you, the next higher difficulty should have no further increased reward?
The only reasonable way to go about it, is to increase reward with difficulty, from lowest to highest.
Harder missions already take longer to clear and are more likely to fail.

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sure, i meant it the way like Heresy is the first difficulty that is really difficult and gives good amount of ressources and as balanced as it atm only in Malice is.
Malice is fine like it is and if you play Damnation you get even more ressources for playing highest difficulty, but the balance of both materials should be still comprehensible so that you dont run out of plasteel if you run Heresy or Damnation mostly.
My english isnt that perfect, maybe.

All difficulties should give same balance of both mats and Heresy beeing the sweet spot regarding risk and reward.
Malice less risk, less reward; Heresy average risk, average reward; Damnation high risk, high reward.

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Ah ok. Yes that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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TBH they should make Malice harder, not Heresy easier.

I legitimately have higher success rate on Damnation than on Heresy (solo pugging) because the Heresy queue is just littered with people who are clearly just “graduating” from Malice but who don’t have any of the skills or experience neccesary to do Heresy, because Malice is just so easy that you don’t need to engage with or learn any of the more advanced DT mechanics.

The jump in difficulty from Malice to Heresy is way too large for most people, and the issue there is Malice not pushing them enough to have to learn where the buttons are for block/dodge/slide/push.

That’s actually… a genuinely interesting take on the situation. I’d not really considered it, because again, I’m more than happy on Damnation, which gives me the thrills I want.

Considering how easy Malice is to farm for materials (pretty much a guaranteed win everytime), I’d personally not be averse to making Malice more challenging. As someone else pointed out, having a “farming” difficulty isn’t really a good idea, just make crafting less expensive. And Weeklies can be completed on any difficulty.

Wait, you guys playing for mats? xD
At this current status of the game, I’m just playing for the thrill. That’s what is damnation difficulty for me.
And curse you, anyone who still haven’t gotten to lvl 30 but still go for damnation.
Heresy for me is to level up and for anyone who haven’t gotten to lvl 30 but feel like malice is boring and need for more challenging encounter but feel like damnation is too much.
I played all FS games for thrill since VT.
The only thing in VT that I can’t consistently beat is FoW Cataclysm difficulty and the only thing that stopping me playing FoW is the lack of player that wanted the same thrill in beating FoW Cata. I hope there’s similar hidden mission in the darktide that will be challenging like FoW.

Heresy is fine, the other difficulties need tuning. Like there isn’t a Champion-style mode with squishy enemy health but relatively unfriendly damage scale. You just jump right from ignoring chip damage to quickly dying to it.

Also reward scaling is bad.