Why there is so much difference, in term of difficulty, between malice and heresy

Maybe I am alone… but I think that malice is toooooo easy… and heresy a little too hard.
I really think that there is a difficulty level that is missing between the two.

Don’t make me wrong. I love heresy but… so many games lost and so few rewards. Then it seems better to farm malice. But Malice is so boring…

This point is really a problem for me as I don’t have a difficulty level that is right for me…

Anyone else has the same feeling ?


You get used to it after learning new tricks and getting better at combat mechanics and whatnot.

If you feel like heresy is a bit to difficult you can try to play a few heresy games with the low intensity modifer to get used to the pace a bit better.

But yeah, the jump from malice to heresy can be a bit rough before you get used to it.


It ain’t just you, the leap between these two difficulties is perhaps the largest in the game. After you get comfortable on Heresy, moving to Damnation will not feel half as bad. Like the guy before me said, trying some Low-Intensity maps first is a good idea.

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Problem is… sometimes I made mistakes… more often we see people that think a team is not really needed and we all die…
Best is when we have one that rush and one other that are far behind the 2 that try to stay in group.
But, also the difference between malice is huge. On malice I sometimes don’t even need the med stations and it is boring. On heresy, a little mistake and I am trapped or a dog is bitting me… worst is the horde that comes and two snipers that decided to join it…

Yeah, but thats why low intensity runs might help you, it will get you more used to the higher amount of mobs and specials while not completely over running you.

Heresy is the difficulty where you start noticing your own bad habits as a player, because the mistakes you might make on malice will result in more severe punishment from the game on heresy.

If you dont mind me asking, what class do you play and what weapons do you normally use?

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prefered class: zealot
At start: Combat blade (lacerate) now trying crusher
Bolter as distance weapon
I think the time to reload is too long, so I need to find something better.

Recon lasgun / Power blade

Surge staff / Force blade with deflector

What do you normally go down to?

You should stick with your team and be infront and agrro range into melee but not so far ahead that your team can’t also shoot them.

You also can stand at the end of corridors and funnel enemy’s into you and you stand near the door and give clear line of sight to your team to shoot straight down into the horde while every thing after you is turning 90 degrees side ways to come hit you.

You also now got to be careful of shooters and slide a ton since it gives damage resistance.

I always charge to restore my toughness in melee and normally just sprint in to fights or make sure I always got a extra charge ready for emergency.

Also sometimes it’s better to just stand still and cut the horde infront of you so you team can get easy clear shots on enemy’s.

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When you play the zealot, do you use the bleed/crit build with 75% toughness damage reduction when you use the combat blade with lacerate?
That build will let you play around a bit more and take more risks since its a very strong build in terms of survivability.

You could try the MKXII lasgun if you want a quicker weapon that still does high damage, it wont do boltgun damage but its decent enough. Or the flamer is another good choice, but of course, it lacks range.

For veteran the powersword is probably the best option for your melee weapon overall, so that should be fine, although you could try using a combat blade or a tactical axe with brutal momentum to get a bit more mobility since the powersword has pretty bad dodge range and dodge count.

The recon lasgun might be a bit problematic, it lacks a bit of power when you start going past malice, in my experience at least.
You could try the MKXII on the veteran as well, or use a bolter with the talent that reloads your gun whenever you use your class ability.

Or if you have good aim and dont mind a charge weapon, a helbore with a good damage roll can 1 shot headshot most things, if you build for it you can one shot reapers and bulwarks as well.
To be honest, veteran just has a lot of good range options, but unfortunately the recon lasgun is one of the guns that is a bit lacking when it comes to higher difficulties.

I dont really play my psyker enough to really give you any advice.


Also just to clarify I used evis flamer zealot.

A lot of my tactics is just picking fights or escaping them to fall back to the team.

I think it applys to the bolter and flamer since you got a long swap.
You are not safe in the open if you see a range enemy outside of melee range and hope to swap to bolter and just quickly pick it off then swap back you can’t.

You have to rush in with melee or leave line of sight.
In malice toughness will save you but in heresy your gonna be forced to use your charge or take hp damage if you try and tank the shots.

The crusher will let you faceroll through heresy. Just get everything in front of you and use the weapon special to stunlock entire groups of enemies, regardless of what they’re made up of.

Try using the ADS on the bolter as your primary mode of fire, and use it to either snipe key targets or columns of trash enemies. It’ll stretch the ammo a lot further and allow you to reload when it’s good for you rather than when the heat is on. I only really use auto fire on Crusher ogryns and even then it’s only when they’re about to whack a teammate.

The recon lasguns have two things going for them: Good ADS accuracy and fast reload. Other than that, they suck. Poor ammo efficiency, zero stagger and a stupidly long kill time. If you want run-and-gun SMG-type gameplay, try a braced autogun. If you want cover-peeking type gameplay, pick something with (much) higher damage per shot, as it’ll mean you don’t have to expose yourself for as long.

I prefer the Voidstrike staff over the Surge staff for psyker. It doesn’t do a ton of damage per shot, but it pierces, has stagger for days even when uncharged, and the projectile size means you can hit enemies that are behind cover.

Ok I read that the recon lasgun is bad…
But, the Mk VIIa seems to do a good damage.

This is the one I have (yeah I know it is not the greater gun)
This is coupled with a Power sword that has Brutal Momentum and supercharge. It means that I use the recon on elites and the sword for flak/carapace enemies and hordes

So you think it is not something good enough. But, if I check braced autogun, damages are 115 with a mag of 55. I was thinking it was something that could be effective…

Recon lasguns are especially bad at killing elites because of how long it takes them to do so. It means you have to expose yourself for longer, which will get you killed in heresy and above.

If you’re using your ranged weapon mainly for killing elites and specials, I’d recommend a bolter, a kantrael lasgun or maybe a headhunter autogun. Something with higher damage per shot which can down them faster and at longer range.

Don’t let the autoguns’ lower ammo count deter you - They do more damage per shot than lasguns and the stagger allows you to use them as a ranged interrupt, which is VERY useful higher up where you often want to interrupt an enemy that’s about to whack a teammate. It also allows you to just run-and-gun through a mission, since staggered enemies aren’t swinging at you, even at close range.

I believe recon lasguns can be good, but it depends more on the player being a tracking god than the weapon being strong.

Only difference I notice is heresy just has more stuff, which results in me clicking my left click simulator more, Malice is sparse and boring, Heresy is less sparse and still boring, and Damnation pretty much feels identical to Heresy.

Going from Malice to Heresy certainly feels like the biggest difficulty spike as you progress through.
If I’m not mistaken it also is numerically the biggest spike in enemy HP. Players are all running with 1 wound less, enemies are hitting harder and there are more of them. Together this compounds for a huge spike in perceived difficulty.

Because of how these games work Malice to Heresy might make enemies require 1 more hit to kill them, yet Damnation might leave most enemies not requiring any more hits than Heresy due to where most weapons breakpoints fall.

Also some weapons that feel OP in Malice - as they just do everything better - suddenly hit that awkward spot where everything now requires 2 hits and it’s a slower clunkier weapon in a difficulty that gives you less space and time to work with. In Malice almost every weapon combination “works” going into Heresy you really need to consider your loadout in how you’d personally deal with Flak, Carapace, hordes, gunners, etc.

You’re probably right, there should be a better difficulty curve between Malice > Heresy > Damnation. As Damnation really doesn’t feel that much harder than Heresy once you find your footing there.

Unfortunately, this is where the shop and crafting issues hit harder, you can’t target a specific weapon with 1 specific blessing to act as your can-opener to the difficulty without a whole lot of RNG and reliance on luck.

Just keep trying, but be critical of your gameplay and loadout choices. Practice your dodging, focus on the sound queues (both for what’s spawned and the sounds that indicate you’re about to get hit/shot and respond with a dodge).
Learn the maps, when to push hard to a safer location and when to fall back.
Use your dodges and slides aggressively (they’re practically i-frames), its often easier to dodge dance and slide at a gunner and stab them in the face than it is to shoot them while they are suppressing you.

If you play with friends, I’d almost suggest spending at least the last 30 minutes of your Darktide sessions jumping into a Damnation High-Intensity game over and over in a private lobby and just trying to survive longer. The change in mindset when you expect to die horribly and somehow live longer than expected vs an expectation of success yet failing is a real blessing.

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The main thing with heresy is that it’s past the point of sustain. Malice and lower there’s enough wounds and damage is low enough for players to idiotically hit trade their way from medicae to medicae. Heresy walls these sorts of players because it demands they learn a different play style.

It’s the compounding effect of increased enemy spawns who have extra health and extra damage.

Nah the bigger issue is a lack of proper mid difficulty. You can jump right into Uprising with no experience people need to go AFK for 3 minutes for you to die while pinned. There didn’t need to be a difficulty where it takes 4 minutes and you don’t even encounter Ogryn elite enemies.

If Malice had like 20% more punishing damage and like 25% more enemy health it would feel more like Champion and it would be less jarring going to Heresy and seeing some entities almost double in HP.

I thought the jump was too big as well, but Heresy is a learning opportunity after failing a few times. You learn what to do and what not to. Taking chances in Malice is fine and you can usually get away with it, but with Heresy, you’ll get punished. Badly. And you’ll learn from it.

It becomes more about taking your time and being more situationally aware of what’s going on around you. Crowd control is important. Prioritizing elites is important. Lots of things are important and you’ll learn them the more you try and fail.

Problem is that, by doing so, you ruin the game of other players.
I know that we don’t really care to save a player x times… i do it in malice when I meet someone that begins with this difficulty level… but… hey… being killed lot of time feel you like if you were a cannonball tied to the feet of someone.

I really think that there should be an intermediate level between the two. Just to avoid being the guy that ruins the game of others.
Malice has no difficulty for me… heresy is a butchery for me.

Every yellow weapon are not good. The one you’re showing have hum « poor » blessings…

And as perk, I would go with +25% damage on flak…