Mercenary career skill not consistently activating

Issue Summary:
Thread title. When playing Merc, way too often I will press F and nothing happens, and I have to follow it up with a couple more desperate presses of the button until it goes off. Sometimes I can see the bright circle around my character (the one that shows up if you hold F with Merc or WHC, showing radius of the ult) for like a split second when I press F but the ult doesn’t get used.

This is also not just me “accidentally” holding F while trying to press it. It happens on the regular even from the snappiest of clicks. Same goes for WHC. I’ve been noticing it more frequently when playing 2h Hammer, so it might have something to do with QQ-canceling and action-queuing.

This has been around forever, and a fix would be greatly appreciated.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Mercenary (or WHC)
  2. Press F
  3. Nothing happens (or you get the ground AoE circle outline for a split second)
  4. Press F some more while panicking

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Common enough that it’s happening multiple times per session if I’m playing Mercenary.

And here I thought I was imagining things. I can confirm that this is a thing.


WHC’s one behaves exactly the same since Ubersreik DLC.

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Never noticed any of this.
If you are using office keyboard you might have the issue that pressing certain keys at the same time (W and F for example) isn’t possible because of how they are built (cheap).

I have a mechanical keyboard with Multi-key rollover (meaning no ghosting or missed inputs from simultaneous key-presses). This is not a hardware issue.

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And I have the active ability on one of my mouse buttons :slight_smile:

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