Shade Infiltrate duration

Shade’s Infiltrate was reduced to 5 seconds in the 2.0 patch but this is not documented anywhere in the official 2.0 patch notes. Please either revert or confirm you hate Shade via patch notes, thanks.

Its not hate its just love, she was way to cheese now she is cheddar


This is a pretty far out there idea but perhaps we could make her gravy?

Sorry to say, but it’s intentional!

From the notes of the 7th Winds of Magic Beta patch, which have since been archived. This should’ve been included in the notes for the 2.0 patch, but must’ve slipped the net - we’ll work that out.


It’s my bad :raising_hand_man:, the merging of the beta notes collection in to the master list of final changes was inevitably going to have a note or two go missing - for that I do apologise. I’m quite annoyed at myself it was quite an important change.


Thanks for replying! While I’ve got your attention can you tell me why this change happened? In my other thread someone with access to the beta notes (or board?) said it seemed to be because 10 second infiltrate was too useful in weaves, that isn’t really the reason is it?

I don’t recall that being mentioned as a reason, and searching doesn’t seem to confirm a designer mentioning that.


Is there a database you keep for change decisions like this or are you just peeking into the beta forum?

It’s just such a strange change, it’s like two different teams were balancing Shade. Infiltrate receives a 50% reduction to its duration AND cloak of mists now removes your infiltrate damage bonus but Bardin’s Ranger Veteran class still has 10 seconds of invisibility from Disengage and there are no major hits to his final row of talents. Is there a way to petition for a reevaluation of changes like this?

While the suddenness of the change might have you shocked, I don’t think it would be wise to have it changed back. Shade, prior to that nerf, was by and large the best damage-to-survivability character in the game (aside from maybe Saltzpyre the Fanatic lord of Whacky-Bats). The change might’ve been a tweak made in an attempt to reign in how much of an impact she had on higher level play without totally bricking her original build.

Either way, comparing her old kit to Bardin’s stealth is a little unfair; her Career-Active was superior in a lot of ways (much shorter cooldown, bigger damage spike, similar duration, freedom to move away from initial stealth point).

Then again, just because Ranger Veteran has a stealth ability, I don’t think it’s wise to compare them head-to-head/number-to-number, as they’re meant to fulfill very different roles and have very different kits as well.

There was no official explanation ever provided for the Shade nerfs, so you are correct.

As for OP, there had been places here and there where people complained about the Shade active’s duration. One of the major complaints was indeed in regards to weaves, but there were also complaints about its use elsewhere. I don’t think anyone overwhelmingly wanted it one way or another(on this forum).

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