Undocumented Infiltrate Nerf?

Was Infiltrate really reduced to 5 seconds in 2.0 and never documented in any of the patch notes? I’ve been searching high and low and the closest documentation I can find is from the 2.0 patch notes:

“Corrected the description of Kerillian’s (Shade) Infiltrate ability on the hero select screen.”

But the description was correct, it was 10 seconds before 2.0. Is this a bug/oversight or a stealth stealth nerf?

It is intended stealth nerf
It was mentioned through beta topics, probably missing on live patch notes


The nerf wasn’t a stealth nerf to the active ability. It was brought up in a thread during the beta about Shade being able to sit on weave objectives for extended periods and that seems to be the primary reason they did it(but Fatshark didn’t explicitly say anywhere why they nerfed it).

Here is the excerpt from Beta Patch Notes #7:

  • Kerillian

    • Shade
      • Infiltrate - Duration reduced to 5 from 10 seconds.
      • Exploit Weakness - Reduced damage bonus to +20% from +30% to bleeding and poisoned enemies.
      • Vanish - Reduced the duration of the stealth after a backstab kill to 3 seconds from 5 seconds.

By the way, if you use Cloak from Pain the bonus stealth duration of it is also 5 seconds. Hitting an enemy while in stealth the first time consumes the infiltrate damage bonus and then resets the stealth timer to 5 seconds. So hitting an enemy when it’s about to run out the first time will maximize your stealth time. The second stealth doesn’t have infiltrate damage, but it does guarantee a crit.

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This is kinda annoying, can you even see changes as non beta participant?
Honestly, if no and it’s not in the live game patchnotes, it shouldn’t be in the game.

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Thanks for this, it makes it worse IMO but at least now I know I’m not insane.

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