Temp health doesn't decay

Unfortunately I lost my screengrab of all my boons, but I didn’t have many, but I remember having the boon that lets me take 50% of allies damage if I am over 75% HP. I found that none of my temp health was decaying, and we hadn’t just visited a Harmony Shrine for the temp health > green health shared boon. Was kinda fun, but obviously something wasn’t working as intended.

Do you have the logs of the game still ?

Temp health decay seems to be very inconsistent, I didn’t record it but my thp wasn’t decaying for a while until I whacked some more enemies and then it started decaying again. It’s weird.

Unfortunately not, I forgot about it till browsing the forums :’) Not sure how to find them either, so I’ll have to look up how.

In the windows search bar, type %appdata% and press enter. The logs are in Fatshark\Vermintide2\console_logs, just upload the one corresponding to your game session :slight_smile:

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Turns out I did have a video of it happening, exactly as OP described.

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That’s interesting, although yours does eventually start to tick down, but it’s certainly much later than one would expect it to.

It started decaying the moment I moved out of my teammate’s aura from that boon

Ahh I see, interesting

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