Translation Issues/suggestions

I found a few translations in the game, and there are probably plenty more. I haven’t been noting down everything but I’ll update through my gameplay.

There is a mission with scanning Nurgle anomaly multiple rounds and needs to “Hold for date upload”, which in Chinese translation as "按住数据上传“, which translates directly as “Press (as press a button) for data upload” instead of defending(Hold).

The same mission end with the need to run to a valkyrie, there’s one line asking us to move faster with the word FEET feels really weird, but I can’t which line. (since the game kind of intense)

In the base, when you roam around something a guardsman will question you “don’t you have places to go?”, which suppose to be kinda rude and questioning, but the translation just feels like asking instead questioning

On the Zealot skill tree, the 3rd roll (Lvl15), 3rd one’s description, the word refers to Chastise the Wicked is wrong, this also applies to ALL on the 6th roll.

This miss-match also applies to the first skill on the 4th roll. And I think there’s a miss translation on the name too.

( in general, those skill tree translation sucks, and too many minor mistakes that a translation team should make.)

Please tell me this is a temporary BETA translation