KNOWN ISSUE: Connected Devices Disconnecting During Play

We have informed our hardware partners about an issue where USB connected devices seem to be disconnecting during play.

Please bear with us whilst we investigate this issue.


Existing reports may be merged here, to help us keep track of the issues being reported.


—so my keyboard seems to disconnect while in game , keyboard is a razor something

As per the title, my headset, mouse and and keyboard gets disabled for a couple of seconds. until mid-game it disabled them completly and had to restart my pc.

That’s the weirdest bug i’ve seen on any game.


I am experiencing this too, as are others. I have a thread here: BUG: Input dropping - #4 by Shariele


Getting this with my USB headset completely disconnects it from the system.
Latest drivers etc…
ONLY this game.

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It’s crashing the whole USB subsystem for me. I see the USB kernel driver showing up as crashing and recovering over and over in the Windows Even Viewer. This is the most ridiculous bug I’ve ever seen.


Same here I see it cycling.
I was able to move my headset from the front USB ports to the back and it no longer disconnects. It seems to only happen with my front ports.

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This isn’t an option for me. My monitor is a short distance away from my tower in my setup, so I have to route my mouse and keyboard through it to make the connectivity work. They’ve done something whack with their USB interaction. This wasn’t a problem for 30+ hours in the Beta.

This does not fix it for me, unfortunately.

I can confirm this fix. For me since mine are connected on the back already, I tried switching to another usb port. Then when I launched the game, I got a much higher volume, kind of like something reset the settings back to normal…?

Anyway, after changing to another usb port (I use a usb hub that has all my devices, that is the usb I moved), this seems to somehow fixed it for me. I can now play the game and doesn’t experience this bug anymore. (At the moment, will have to see if this continues without the bug)

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Is everyone in this thread on AMD-based systems? Every in the other thread is so far.

AMD CPU yes so looks like a common symptom.

I am having the exact same issue, and I also happen to have a AMD CPU

Try plugging all of your USB devices into another port. Seems to be working for some people. Bizarre.

I have the same issue as well, I tried it with 2 different keyboards and the second made my whole Usb slots disconnect I had to reset my computer in total.

Can confirm running an AMD Ryzen7 3700X 8 core. What a weird bug man, this did not occur at all in the beta.

I do not know how to recreate it but it happened twice today and resolves after exiting the game.
I have and use a pair of Corsair elite headphones. When I play the game for an extended period my headphones will stop outputting sound. I have checked for all updates, drivers, windows, firmware, etc and they are all up-to-date.

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I have the same issue. My microphone also stops working and I can’t use it in discord while playing.

Nvidia user here and can confirm it started happening to me after about 3-4 games after i restarted my device