I am here for my Aquilas

Hello! My name is Spartan.

I spent 600 hours of my life playing Darktide during its rocky launch. I recently returned to check out the new update. I must say that the new class system is an improvement. I hope similar updates continue to be released so Darktide can reach it’s full potential.

I recently learned that Xbox customers were awarded free Aquila packages with their purchase.

Standard Edition awarded you: 9,300 Aquilas (Nearly $45 of free currency)
Imperial Edition awarded you: 14,000 Aquilas (Nearly $60 of free currency)

I own the standard edition. I am looking to be credited 9,300 Aquilas. I do not wish for any special cosmetic items for being an early tester of this game. I only want the Aquilas credited to my account.

Fulfilling my request will make great strides in keeping your early supporters in good graces. There are other players like myself who deserve the same rewards as your new Xbox customers.

I hope my request gets seen and correct action is taken. My battle brothers and sisters eagerly await your reply.

Thank you for your time,


Dont worry, they need “a few weeks” to talk about pushing a button adding their imaginary currency.


Let us have Dark Helmet and shirtless back.


Still waiting for the respose from fatshark as they promised to give us an answer in the ”next few weeks”.


To be honest, I do not think that they can do anything better then just giving out Aquilas, if they of cource do not want their reviews go down a bit.

Anyway, I believe this will not be happening, probably literally nothing will be happening, at least until the Krieg costumes will be gone


You are snorting some Grade-A Copium if you think you are getting 9,300 Aquilas lol.


I’d like to have mine too! Thanks Fatshark! :facepunch: :sunglasses:

It’s very unlikely we will get them though. Even if it would be the only reasonable thing to do.


Fatshark’s inevitable response will be summed up as ‘no, f*CK you, pay us more money’


Hey, hey, hey, I’m here for funny money too. I bought the Imperial Edition on steam a few weeks ago. Thank you FatShark.

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Hello my name is Oreo.

I’ve played for over 1300 hours. I too would like my 9,300 Aquilas.

Thank you for your time.


The fact that there still hasn’t been a response to this, especially given the simplicity of the solution, should give you a good indication of FS priorities.


This pal. He is here for his Aquilas.
I am here for this pal.


I would accept that compromise. Keep your premium currency. Let me go purging heretics wearing nothing but my faith and the emperors protection.


Or maybe just allow us to gain ‘premium currency’ via play, instead of charging full price for a game using FTP mechanics.


That edit is freaking hilarious.

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Never forget.


Stop making these posts, you wont get anything from it. For Fatshark to give out extra Aquilas at all, let alone 14000, is such a major financial decision that it just wont happen. That is such a massive loss in income to them there is not a chance in hell they will do this. Even if the devs themselves think it might be the right thing to do, the higher ups dont

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If it’s a ‘loss of income’, they never should have offered it to begin with.


Entitled Gamer Demands lol

The tons of Aquilas was offered as a limited time offer FOMO thing because of gamepass. It’s difficult to get gamepass subscribers to actually buy into the games they play since they already have access to the games. The sh*t load of Aquilas was basically a giant carrot aimed at them: “Buy all these Aquilas and you also get to keep the game!”

The marketing department at Fatshark has the IQ of a glass of tap water though, and didn’t realise how bad it would look from an outside perspective.