I am here for my Aquilas

I have given my time for the beta, feedback, support, money and carried many an overeager veteran back from the brink like a good ogryn should.

I too would like my 9.300 Aquilas.


I Preordered the Deluxe version of the game. Man it does feel bad to snubbed this hard.


it really does show fatsharks does not care one bit if you supported early or not I will never be that stupid again however. I too would like my aquillas alsoand not some half ass cosmetic


I agree. Why reward the players who are new to the party when there are players – such as myself – that own the upgraded version of the game, and who have 400 hours played before the class overhaul. Pretty unfair.


I bet you the problem is that it’ll take, at least, “the coming weeks” to convince the c-suite that they need to do this.

I’m aware that was probably the intent.

I’m glad we can agree that this was really, really dumb, and a self-own on Fatshark’s part.

I think that, at its core, this entire thing is a crystallization of community frustrations with the monetization of this game and the cosmetics, and ‘give us our aquilas’ is kinda just a convenient outlet for everyone being pissed off with being treated like mobile wallets.


You’ll get a hat. And you’ll like it.

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”Financial decision” Aquilas cost nothing, NOTHING, to fatshark they are merely a way for the company to make more money and sell us content that is already there. Get the **** out this thread and go white knight some other corporate shill, the community has earned the right to be respected for sticking with them from the awful launch. These threads hold fatshark accountable for scummy conduct, so no I/we wont do that.


The absolute level of predatory practices. I think we Should also lodge a complaint to European Union Consumer protection for false advertising, to make it clear that this practice is not okay.


I get where you’re coming from, however Godtrog is right. Aquila’s don’t technically cost them anything at base, but it does cost them income in the future. For example, giving the players the extra aquilas means that they will buy a cosmetic set they like in the future with these “free” Aquilas rather than spending money to buy the set.

I hate it, I hate how they shafted all of us with it and am also very upset, but that is the unfortunate reality. They don’t view a gift like that as costumes people can where in mission, but as giving away free money.


I love it that they did this because they specifically mentioned everything, would be earnable in game including aquilas. Since no mechanic has been implimented to earn them there is a legitimate case here for false advertising. Unless they will announce such means withing the 2 weeks. I am giving next week, to announce what will be done. After that I will contact my national and EU consumer protection to proceed with formal complaint on this.


Than this entire situation is gonna be another nail in the proverbial coffin. If they are willing to flip the bird to old players once, they are going to do it… again… and again.
There are people out there, pissed enough to quit the game and go play something else, just because these situations pile up.

It’s easier to give the players said aquillas and just make more cosmetics or even open up the entire cosmetic shop. These kind of good will gestures is what’s keeping a community in your games.
There is a load of already existing armor, weapon etc designs in 40k. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Hell, I’ll even throw a bone here (an idea that was probably proposed long before I even joined this game). Ogryn armor made from bits and pieces of an astartes armor. Not the entire armor, but just pieces stitched together to resemble something of a space marine.
Breaks lore? maybe, i dunno
Looks awesome? Hell yes
Will it sell? A lot
Make variants? Yes
Will variants sell? Yes

Hell, you can apply the same criteria to Zealots wearing battered or bits and pieces of Adepta Sororitas armors.


All of the goodwill fatshark earnt back from the skill tree rework was completely undermined by this aquila and the whole kreig skin debacle. Disappointed at every turn with darktides development.


If it makes the devs feel better, see the aquilas as payment for us the taking care of our new, but snappily dressed purgers that have to aim with a joystick. I flick shoot the sniper, so they can unload their gun into a reaper and giggle at the funny demise of the 'eretics.



We really must not let FatShark just get away with this nonsense.


Again I get what you’re saying but I don’t think people are understanding the business mindset behind all of this. Even if it might be good in the long run and potentially make them more money there is no way to track if it worked or not. Explaining to investors, who don’t care about the game or community in the slightest, that they “gave away” potential profits for nebulous goodwill is going to seem awful and would probably make them upset (Tencent is a majority shareholder if I remember correctly and I don’t think they are the type of people to sign off on giving away premium currency).

I just want to reemphasize, I want and would love for them to give us those juicy Aquilas. I just seriously doubt anything like that will ever happen.

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not with that attitude


It almost seems like they are continually shooting themselves in the foot just to keep their scummy MTX practices…


yeah, i think they have to start shooting their hands soon, they are running out of feets. a chaos shark have three feet right?

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Before this thread gets locked. I would just like to thank each and every one of you for replying and airing your grievances. Even if you thought speaking up was pointless. It’s never pointless to speak up. Complacency gets you nowhere in life.

The cash shop is not what makes Darktide great. YOU are what makes Darktide great. The community. If WE didn’t support this game during its rocky launch, it wouldn’t have had any chance of success.

It’s extremely disappointing that we won’t receive the same rewards as the Xbox players. At this point, my friends are the only reason that I even play Darktide anymore. If not for them, I would have probably removed this game from my Steam account.

I absolutely do not like when companies use mobile game sales tactics in games. I refuse to buy currency packs to buy something, only to be left with an odd amount leftover. Never enough to get anything else, so you’re meant to buy more to afford your next item. I don’t like it. The FOMO is also not cool. There’s not a single good reason why they can’t just have a full item catalog for people to get what they want. If you’re gonna sell people shinys, why do it in the worst way possible? The answer is: Greed. Nothing more.

That’s enough of my “Old man yells at cloud” moment. I hope you all the very best!