Exchange Purple/Orange items for Plasteel+Diamantine


  • When you “sell” Purple & Orange weapons you should receive 15% of the Plasteel/Diamantine needed to upgrade this weapon from Gray to its current level (Purple/Orange) the same way you get roughly 15% ordo dockets back when selling an item.

Note that the ~15% refund for offering your weapon to the inquisition should scale with item level (same way crafting cost scales with item level)


Why do this?

1) It further incentivize players to craft weapons knowing that even if the weapon ends up bad (RNG Gods are testing you) you will get some of your materials back.

2) If you successfully complete a heresy / damnation mission the emperor’s reward is now worth something (materials) even if you have better weapons in your arsenal.

3) It doesn’t inflate the economy; If you think about it, a 380-basic-modifiers fully upgraded weapon from Gray to Orange is worth around 1350 plasteel (150+200+400+600), less if it’s not a 380 weapon. Therefore, 15% of 1350 is 202 plasteel. Consider it a small boon for clearing Damnation or a small refund for not rolling your dream weapon.

4) Incentivize players to clear their inventories; Right now if a weapon “could” be useful in a future update you have reasons to keep it. It’s probably better for QoL of players and Fatshark alike to have accounts that don’t keep hundreds of weapons in their inventories

Lore accurate?

I know a few fellows might jump in to say “this is not lore-accurate”.
Hear me out! What if you are not “selling” your weapons, so to speak, but instead you are “donating” them to the inquisition.
After all we live in difficult times and every single weapon needs to reach the hands of a faithful. Hoarding weapons in one’s inventory is HERESY!!


30%… that’s my last offer. Sorry.

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I’m stockpiling a graveyard of dud oranges for the specific reason that one day they may be worth something.

Heck, even Melk should be willing to do a deal. We know he likes a shifty deal every now and then. What’s his cut? 20% ? Deal. I’ll take the other 80% happily.

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Better inventory management options would be nice while they’re at it.


Got to ask, but what economy. There is no trading with anything other than a slot machine.

Whenever anyone says economy in DT it actually means retention, whether knowingly (devs) or not (others).

Hell yeah brother!
Inventory management is a nightmare right now. I am using 2 mods just to make it more bearable but it’s one of the things in-game that is in need of a drastic overhaul / QoL update…

I once made another thread asking to give us some kind of “boxes” (even if we have to buy them with ordo-dockets)

oh man… I feel you…
I have a huge stash of orange weapons that “could” be good in a future update if they change something with blessings / crafting
…and then I have a graveyard of purple/orange weapons that are bad but I just can’t convince myself to sell for useless ordo dockets

now before someone jumps in to say “ha! You want this change so you can sell your items for materials” let me tell you that I’d be down having all my weapons worth nothing if it means this suggestion goes through and gets implemented.
Why? Because I know if I stash hundreds of purples/oranges there must be hundreds of people like me doing the exact same thing. I’m your average Joe after all :smiley:

oh how I wish Fatshark had someone reading all the many player suggestions on forums (some of them are really good) and then reply even if it’s something generic like

“We took note of your suggestion and we will evaluate it in our internal meetings sometime in the near future. thank you”


“At this point in time we do not have any plans moving towards this direction. Thank you for your input, much appreciated”