Convocation of Decay (Legend) End Event - OP or Nah?

yes 67% of people say it’s overtuned

however, what you’re saying is totally different, what you’re saying is the event is completely and utterly broken; doing things it’s not even coded to do.


Welcome to my legend convo
A map we needed 3+ tries to do on all characters when were doing all characters on legend achivement
When we already had many cata playthroughs
There were even randoms telling me that this was the hardest map they have ever played and they had cata frames.
We were playing on legend
My cata convo I did with other person hosting and we were slayer GK there so 50% less ranged presence and we did it without anyone being downed
If I tried duo mele on my legend convo we wouldnt make it past the half point

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hence why I’m asking for a recording because that would be a bug if that’s the case.


Is there a way through moded realm to give noclip, turn of ai and spawn, go to the end, THEN turn SPAWN but not AI on and count them
Cuz I dont want to touch convo until its fixed, its wasted time simulator for me

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you can use creature spawner’s despawn function to despawn things and Aussiemon’s free flight mod to fly to the finale. No other mods outside those and their dependencies would be required

And to be clear: what you describe your legend convo finale to be like shouldn’t be possible based on the code/intended design


I might try those, will see if they work

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No one’s asking you to run CoD 50 times for an average number of special spawns during the event. Just one video to prove your supposed claim of 35+ specials in the event.

For someone who doesn’t have time to record one map sure has a lot of time complaining about a map that was nerfed, not once, but twice in the last year.

Also, if you think cata CoD is easier than Legend CoD then you are delusional. Legend CoD is a cakewalk. It’s definitely nowhere near as bad as it was in 2018 when OG Legend was around. Or did you forget legend was nerfed twice in 2018? :joy:

This comment is dedicated to all the OGs who completed Skittergate before legend was nerfed! Cheers! :beers:

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I dont remeber saying Cata CoD is easier than legend CoD
Iam saying CoD is broken period
And yea cheers to 2018 where the entire maps were done with broken ass pyromancer with 45K+ dmg and 90 specials solo
Or with WS outhealing enemy hits … in melee… with swiftbow
Or BH killing a horde with 1 right click volley crossbow

Oh yes THE HARD times of V2 :smiley:
You seem to forget that enemies were buffed with addition of stagger mechanic and dodge being put into the correct place

And also the MAP is NOT a problem, the END scenario is


First of all, no player worth their salt even played the broken classes and they were fixed in the first 2 months of release. Also, hello! I exclusively play Footknight :joy:

Secondly, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about because the stagger mechanic is not new. It simply made V2 on par with enemy behavior from the first game.

And last but not least, you are making exaggerated claims about the game that are simply not true. AI director is NOT determined by your computer’s power and special spawns are fixed for Legend and below.

Show us video proof otherwise no one here is going to believe you or take your exaggerated claims seriously. It’s not Fatshark’s fault you’re unable to clutch because you have poor situational awareness. I already gave you tips on how to win CoD. It’s your choice whether you take the advice.

I’m starting to wonder if you’re just trolling. I’m going to feel really stupid if I just got baited :man_facepalming:

TL;DR video proof or it didn’t happen.

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Stagger mechanic didnt increase or decrease the dmg you are doing to enemies
Also there were 2 types of classes broken and useless
Those times were that you could take dual dagger shade and abuse dodge to kill hordes
Game WAS easier back then BUT with more bug which made some situations harder
Like guterrunners spawning ON you or insta 180 turn, which they still do but on much lesser degree

AI director perhaps doesnt drasticaly increase spawn rate but based on PC power but IT DOES increase the amnout of enemies you are fighting at one time since they find way to you through normal means AKA not wandering through walls without fighting back

And about convo, i will try the fly over method on moded realm but then you are goign to btch about me spawning the enemies
I dont need to prove anything to you, up there you have 67/33 ratio
Same sentiment that is on steam forums
''We are able to do any map on legend with randoms but convo is 80+% lose ratio"
I can say for myself and people I play with that convo is F broken when Iam hosting, people that play cata regular were suprsied at the amnout of specials we had to deal with and then they proptly died to 8+/10+ CHW spawning at once

believe or not, i dont care

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You are really exagerating. Stop making false claims and presenting them as facts. 67% saying it’s op doesn’t make your claims true, plenty of people have given good and valauble feedback, it’s all subjective from everyone but exagerating doesn’t help anyone and just makes it look bad.

Also i bet 100% cata convo is harder then legend convo, so no, you cannot say with 100% certainty that any cata map is easier then legend convo.


And based on the scenario you describe, its pretty heavily skewing on why i personally think its overtuned. I’m probably not the only one in that 67 %.

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And based on that they literally dont kill anything yeah :slight_smile:


Uhh… No. When you spawn enemies there is a clear message in the chat showing which enemies you have spawned. There is also a message in the chat showing you have removed enemies.
So, you need 2 mods. Creature Spawner(to remove enemies) and Aussiemon’s Free Flight Mod(to fly to the event).

You may have nothing to prove to us but if you cannot convince us, the player base, how do you plan on convincing FS? Besides, this is no different to people reporting bugs and FS asking for screenshots/videos.

And that ratio? There has been a number of tips, tricks and ideas provided in this thread. I have not seen anybody comeback and tell us what their experience was after trying to do things differently.

Comment 196 is me responding to somebody claiming that they would seriously like to see how people would go about fighting a lot of elites with some AoE specials. I gave them my twitch account and asked to them for careers they would like to see me play as. No reply. Not from the person in question but from anybody. I see people complain about this event and when I literally provide a way for them to see how it really gets done(a starting point from which we could discuss gameplay and why I did what I did), I am met with silence.


Ok so I downloded those mods

flew to the end
killed everything by a command until the end
came at the end and flew around

And here is the weird part - while enemies have turned of AI they spawn once and dont keep going
So i turn on fly + AI, sonic around so iam not killed, only 4 specials and nothing more
I turn off fly, still no new enemies (but the 1st batch was 7 chaos warrios to 4 specials and butload of SW)
I turn on fly again with AI, still no new specials
I kill one mob and BOOM another 5 specials out of nowehere
So i started killing and more i killed more specials spawned

Conclusion after testing this 24 specials is roughly 6 - 7 mins and during this time I was still decoding what makes specials spawn + when I died there was a gattling, hook, gutter and blight alive (with another severl CHW SW and trash) so ~ 28 specials
I didnt finish the map cuz the circle broke I so let them kill me
If I wanted I could pump these numbers even higher

Iam not goign to F around with a video, that takes too much effort and arguing about something I know is true with people I dont care about is already taking too much time
Believe or not I dont care
67/33 + steam forums
And my own exprience is there are bucketloads of specials AND only on this map and NOWEHRE else even on cata

TLDR its possible some people have CoD broken, FOr me its killing ANYTHING results in ?shorter special spawn cooldowns? WHICH results in 7+ specials being alive at any point
If you dont waystalker them, you are looking at 10+ at once ON TOP of more than 12+ CHW spawned in 2 batches ON TOP SW and regualr trash
No amnout of skill stragety or tips is gona win against bugs

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So you had 4 specials active, kill one random mob and there spawn another 5, so 9 active at once.

You should open a bug report, because your game is bugged. Also if you bug report, make a video, a screenshot wont help or give any info.


As a silent lurker, i didnt requested anything from you, but actually went to twitch and clicked fast through one of your clips only to see you and your pre-made team failed 4 times in a row on convo before winning one (without books lol) . :slight_smile:
I’m not very much impressed tbh. :joy:

Just kidding. I know that was cata DWONS and actually 3 of 4 losses suffered in middle of the map, not on final event :grinning:

But still, you are very good player, much more skilled than average Legend player. And let me please give you a hint: I’m pretty sure, for example, Mariusz Pudzianowski dont come to kindergarten and not suggest kids to show them how easily he push up 400kg weights so they can see and do the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe but NOT other map does this
My vitriol towards CoD is ONLY towards that and nothing else
I love V2 and unironicaly woke up sad cuz in my dream I was playing darktide :smiley:

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Literally nobody’s convo finale has 9 specials by just killing a random enemy. so it’s legit bugged for you.

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Iam kinda used to it at this point
Idk I manage to find rare bugs

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