Convocation of Decay (Legend) End Event - OP or Nah?

You are missing the point, completely. It would be nice for all those saying that this is too hard to see how it actually gets done. Then we can compare. So that people can see what I do in a given situation, and compare to their own personal experiences. To discuss what they would do instead. So that we can discuss situational awareness. And the kind of decisions that can be made from it. So on and so forth.

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Well this thread degenerated at a rapid rate. I feel like most everything has been said and I certainly said my piece too, many posts ago. I have however played CoD many more times, conscious about this (potential) issue.

I have wiped the map with solid teams and breezed through it with teams that barely managed to survive the map and reach the finale.

The wipes I experienced was, as far as I can remember, all due to being overwhelmed by enemy spawns. Not due to a lack of strategy or for not being mobile enough, but simply by being outmobbed. I can’t recall a single wipe where the team got picked off slowly, but rather it’s 3-4 people going down almost simultaneously.

There’s been a lot of talk about intended behaviour. What I think is intended behaviour for CoD’s finale would be the following (Legend diff. as per topic):

  • Specials spawn in waves of threes, two of the same kind + one. I really don’t remember the combinations.
  • Horde spawns in waves with a mixture of skaven Slaves, Clan rats, Fanatics, and Marauders
  • With horde waves you can also get like 6-10 SV or less than half a dozen CWs. You also get shielded Marauders, but I really don’t know what the patterns are or has been.
  • There is a distinct timer between waves of horde or waves of specials.

I’ve had plenty of experiences where waves of specials seem to have spawned on each other or in very close proximity (timer-wise). I’ve also seen mixtures of SV and CW spawn together, which shouldn’t be possible, OR ignoring the wave timer, which would make the finale broken. If what I listed above is close to how the finale is supposed to be scripted, then something is seriously broken quite consistently. It’s not 100% of the time, but it’s definitely close to 50% in my experience.

I was initially responding to the quotes above, as they seem to speak for most of the people that doesn’t experience any or rare issues with the maps. I have no idea if it’s only affected by Legend difficulty or if it’s the same on all available difficulties, but the experiences I wrote down are pretty much exclusively from Legend QPs. Might be a Cata game or two mixed in as well (wont change the experience much either way).


so you’re not gonna report the bug?


I mean if this is a poll about convocation on legend and legend convocation is bugged 50% of the time or not working how it’s intended then it should be reported with proof asap. After it has been fixed we can start this whole discussion and poll again and actually see if the way it’s intended to be is too difficult or not.

How can we poll about a difficulty of an event if the event is not working properly in the first place? Also if that was happening to me i would of reported this months ago, i’ve honestly never encountered it.

When righteous stand had buggy special spawns i saw plenty of threads pointing it out immediately, how come this isn’t happening here?

You should report it. I’m not saying this to be sarcastic, if this is legit happening to you and it happens frequently you should try and report it, either with video evidence or gathering alot of info on specifics and making a thread. There is a reason many people were saying you were exagerating, what you described isn’t how convo is supposed to be.

Just wanted to confirm this as the same as my experience when I just spammed legend convo over and over with bots. About 50% of the time it was multiple times harder than soloing (with bots) any other legend run. Definitely had CWs and SV waves spawn come in very close to one another time wise. Definitely had runs where there were a heap of specials, and others where there were extremely few. Don’t ever remember seeing anything I would call a bug (just extremely variable and at times pretty absurd quantities of spawns), but I don’t know what the spawn behaviour of the event is meant to be so it’s hard to say.

As has been stated many times in this thread, there are FOR SURE some spawn issues with this map on legend at least. The one time I ran it on Cata cleared it first time, so not much of a sample but I did not see the same spawn weirdness that run.

I agree though everything that can be said has been said. I would strongly advise anybody who hasn’t run Convo specifically on legend in a while to spam it a few times in a row and see if you don’t also see some of the spawn weirdness that’s been widely relayed in this thread.

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Does it fluctuate from 3 to 9 specials being active at the same time? If that’s the case, i would pretty sure call it a bug, if it fluctuates from 2-4 then thats probably intended. I know convo has inconsistent spawns, other events prob have the same issue right now. But if its as much as going from 3 to 9 specials then its a bug 100%.

From memory I was not getting more specials than allowable on the map at once. It’s more that on some runs there’d be significant gaps between special waves, as is normally the case with end events, and other times they seemed to come back to back in very quick sequence with little to no downtime.

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I see. Do you happen to know if it they spawn in quick succesion even after you kill them right after they spawn (or close to?) Isn’t there a forced cooldown so incase of killing them fast you have a couple of seconds of time without some spawning. If you experience that it might of been changed.

I can’t remember sorry, and I didn’t record or take notes. The main thing I remember is the extreme variability in difficulty overall, with the prime cause being extremely inconsistent spawn composition/frequency. It swayed from the usual map difficulty of being pretty easy with bots, to feeling harder than my Cata solo attempts on other maps.

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I agree with you. Though it hasn’t been obvious to me what the case actually is, and most of the thread has still provided a lot of useful feedback.


  • Would it be possible to get some feedback on what the final event is supposed to play out like?
  • If there are spawn consistencies or if spawn timers are broken in an event, will that be noticeable in a console log?

Best would be if there was immortality mod so we dont have to fiddle around Fly and keeping AI. Cuz keeping AI of stops the spawning cycle

Pinging the brains - @Brytarn.


My 2p:

Convo does seem much more difficult than other maps for legend/cata. I’d say only Nurgloth flying phase beats it out, which has outright unreasonable elements. Honestly I find it surprising that people argue that convo has a balanced finale given the absolute annihilation of most pub teams I see.

I’d be interested to see how the volume of specials/elites compares with other hold finales (horn, righteous etc). I suspect that they are similar, however convo differs in being perhaps the most horrible hold position it is possible to engineer- which pressures from all sides with excellent unkiteable (and sometimes hidden) approach for horde units, elites & packmasters. This into an uncomfortably small ring area with no safe position and which mobs can cross but you cannot. Ranged specials can also wreak havok since it can be difficult to get openings to kill them with the constant pressure, cover outside the ring is also excellent and vision out is hampered, I think whenever there’s a gasrat or blightstormer tagged up there seems to be a 50% chance they will be behind cover by the time you get a position to shoot them.

I think outside changing the absurdly unfriendly map geometry the most appropriate change would be a reduction or cap in elite numbers- this seems the largest factor in the fatal pileup that forces you into defence and can make recovery very difficult. It may be elite numbers are nothing special but the simple fact is 4cw entering the convo arena simultaneously is way more of a problem than appearing from some far corner on righteous stand, the numbers need to be adjusted to account for that.

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