A complaint regarding the new premium handmaiden skin

Looking at it on the store, and the hat doesn’t even seem to match with the rest of the skin.

Ye that’s what I was afraid of. The colour scheme is off, as if it was made by two different people with no unified vision.

Now I almost feel like they changed the outfits coloring before release based on the complaints but just forgot to match the hat … so 5.50€ for me to get a mismatched set of gear.

Does not really sound like a good deal, even in good looking sets i would find it stupid.

Well… this is simple lack of creativity. FS prefers to focus on creating mods, excuse me - “free content updates”, for his own game by moving the RBG slider and put this as achievement reward :rofl:

Not to mention the Chaos Waste skins don’t have hats that match for half of the Careers.

I’m tired.

Like not to be rude, but what is the point of adding skins without matching hats? It’s an actual waste of time.

It works for some characters, but for the ones without, why even use the devs time on it at all?

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I guess that is to be expected when you move 90% of the team to a new project. Look at the patch as a whole…


waiting for a new hijab for WS

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Didnt Shade and one or two other careers also get good premium skins? …Although i was told that pyro also got a bad one.

I do not think it´s a lack of people being the problem, i think its fatshark rushing the wrong things and approving the wrong things that are the problems. Like slapping some gems on a base skin and calling it premium <.<

“Edit” Also, symbols, a few random symbols ontop the basic skin is not quality work either.

And approving of it because they wana do a package sale with 1 for everyone even if they arent all actually ready and up to par.

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Shade, Merc, BH and IB got some pretty amazing uniforms. Pyro’s was just the basic one recolored, much like the situation here. I don’t know what the exact process is, but you can tell it’s the exact same thing with a different texture, which isn’t the case for all the others.

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Well I was mainly referring to the long requested feature that would allow players to match helmet-armour colour and the overall lack of any meaningful updates.

Regrettably unanswered customization wishes aside, did we not actually get a fair few bugfixes, a few that were even long time requests? I even made a thread before about the halberd one.

But if i presume it wasnt that which you were going for, then what did you have in mind with as far as meaningful updates go?

I take bugfixes and balance changes as something that is a regular and frequent part of the game. What I would call an “update” is for example: crafting system rework, introduction of a new weapon rarity (with Athanor customization capabilities), new maps.

Sure… these minor additions to CW expansions (which could at least have some new mini-boss models and not just the standard ones with a couple of spear stuck in ther butts) are at least something, but it won’t, in my opinion, bring anything fresh to the game.


It seems a bit dogmatic that, at this point, with a premium skin, we can still not see Kerillian’s face.

But okay, they want to stick to their guns on that. I guess I understand. But why can’t we see her hair (outside of SotT’s styles)? There’s one hat that lets us see her hair! The new headwear would have been nice if it had at least let her hair down or something. Even if she had decided to cut it short.

With Saltzpyre’s BH skin they really tried something new - and it was nice! I mean, it was really flamboyantly 17th century, but that was a good change!


I hate that outfit XD
Also, isn’t there a bark face mask hedgear for Waystalker that has her hair exposed and in a bun? It looks kinda nice.


Leaving a comment here just to note that there are a few weapon illusions as rewards for Okri challenges during this event.

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If you mean the one with a wooden mask, that’s her best one. But honestly though, they really, really should stop hiding her face and hair.

Ye just noticed that in the QnA. I wonder how these look like.

Well I’m glad that they at least put some pattern on the cloak, but the helm really does not fit colour-wise. That’s really sad.


If I remember correctly both char models and skins are outsourced (You can find this info at Artstation). So it is rather a lack of investment than creativity.
Actually when I’m looking at in-game screenshots - I find this skin pretty cool. Those patterns really make difference.

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I really don’t understand why they went with this light shade of blue instead of the traditional dark “gun-metal” blue for the helmet. Like the one Burning Crown has.