A complaint regarding the new premium handmaiden skin

I like it personally, looks more fancy pantsy and plenty different. The silhouette does look similar though.

It could definitely use some shoulder pads and a longer cape, not that weird napkin which looks like she tied up a tablecloth around her neck to play Superman.

But I guess FS intentionally avoid long-hanging armour pieces because they can’t prevent them from clipping. That’s why Saltzpyre does not have the traditional witch hunter’s long coat.


How is it not the same though? O_O

The skin is literally the base one with a handful of minor additions like an scalemail corset, a few gems, metal pieces on the boots and a different waistcloth. The rest is the exact same as far as i can tell.


The bottom line is: it uses the same model and a different texture therefore it takes less effort to mske (effort drawn from DT development mind you).

And yes, I actually like the default one more.

Well Kruber aint exactly revolutionary either tbh, and I would’ve liked more frills or something.

But yeah handmaidens is like an alternative default skin when your first boot a free MMO.

…Pick This or That as your starting armour…until you get something good in game by earning shillings or something.



I was expecting something along those lines as an alternative skin :

or tankier edition :

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Well, they would not give Loremaster’s clothing to a Handmaiden… sadly.

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Fatshark once again showing how lazy and uninspired they are with “new” skins.
You know what I would be spending my money on? A “hat” that actually reveals Kerillian’s entire head, free of any balaclavas or face-covering. Or perhaps even a White Lion inspired skin.
Not bloody this, a lazy retexture of the base skin.

I kinda gave up on cosmetics when Bogen dropped XD

För bogen one can at least argue they went and delivered other stuff too, so having us settle for some recolors for customization options wasnt so bad, but, when the above is part of a package of standalone “premium” skins that reasoning doesnt float.

A recolor or a base skin with a couple of added gems isnt premium quality.


Like what is premium skins cost’s anyways, like 6-10 bucks? You can say a lot about bögenhafen in terms of quality but at least it had some content slapped on top of it to make it somewhat worth the price tag.

If you are going to ask nearly same price as dlc with 2 maps + cosmetics then you better be sure the skin is just not some random variation of the base one. Like ffs at least use a different color…


But the Kruber one is different in style and color, with different bodygroups than default. Having none of those makes this more in line with yet another reskin like the store/legend/champion skins. Especially since it just follows the same pattern as default. I wonder if even diehard HM fans are going to buy this.


I think this premium skin is a prime example how a DLC challenge reward should look like… If this was a reward for, let’s say the career Cataclysm Expedition completion challenge it would be great.


I’d say no. I absolutely adore the career but this ain’t the skin I’m paying a dlc price for.


This is what pissed me off the most…No effort was put into this

They could have gotten rid of that stupid hood and gave her some actual armor and Pauldrons.

They are about to charge you 5 plus dollars for a reskin… They didn’t even bother giving it new colors.

I’m beyond pissed with FS right now. This was going to be the saving grace to get me back into the game after sticking through their BS since VM1 but this…this is it mate.

feel free to reply with dumb comments about me being uspet over this but when there are soo many different combinations they could have gave us and just through this at us and charge us money for it???..Heck no IM DONE


Well, when there are differences between two things, they aren’t the same.
Too similar means the differences are few.

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Are you trolling.


it would be cool though!

You know what would be cool, Fatshark?

A skin for HM that is reminiscent of the White Lion uniform.
Oh, and stop hiding Kerilian’s face.

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