Reaver's Helm colour variation

I’ve decided to write this feedback to take a look at the apparent matching-issue of Reaver’s Helm skin in regards to the Ellyrion Handmaiden premium cosmetic set, which was extensively discussted in another topic; link here: A complaint regarding the new premium handmaiden skin

I do not wish to discuss the physical appearence of the helm itself, as that is a subject to personal opinion and - as long as it stays lore-accurate (which this one does) - I have no issue with it.

The core issue I would like to adress in this feedback is how this helm fits to the character skin Daughter of Lileath of which it is supposed to be a part of Ellyrian Handmaiden skin bundle. In its curent state, it is difficult to use these two skins together without the helm sticking out like a sore thumb, as the light blue colour of the main body of the helmet does not match with anything on the character skin.

I am unsure why it was made so, but I (And a number of other players) find it quite unfortunate, as these two skins, which are supposed to be a set, simply do not match in any way and wearing them together simply looks… off, especially when a simple colour adjustment would go a long way.

For example:

simply darkening the metallic light blue areas and accent lines to bring it more in line with the dark colour of the cloth and scaled plackart. Plus darker-blue tones of Asur armour are fine lore-wise as well.

If other people have opinions about the colour of this helmet (And the possible adjustment be it positive or genative), please share them below to give the dev team more varied feedback in case they decide to go ahead and make some changes to it.

Thank you for your time.


Both the second and the third image are a huge improvement over the original, personally i think i favor the second one with original accents as i am unsure if the golden ones in the third stick out too much or not.


There is a general problem with mismatched helmets and skins, the new purified ones being a prime example. These are at least free so… eh, I will just be sulking in the corner about it.

But the fact that this set has a cost on it and it’s still mismatched leaves me kinda speechless. I would think these skins to be intended as a set, but the coloring really says otherwise. Is there even any recolor that would fit with this helm?

Now full disclosure, I don’t play elf much, but if this gets sorted out theres a chance the rest of mismatched skins might one day too. So I’m just going to boost this message a bit with my reply.

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