Warmaid's Barbute

So I got my first cosmetic and it’s the Warmaid’s Barbute for Handmaiden. The helmet looks cool and all but… its… its green. Her handmaiden armor is blue. The color doesn’t match at all and looks weird, what gives?

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Give screenshot plox.

Same helmet from this thread:

It do look odd, but well maybe there is an armor piece that fit the helm?
It would be lovely if that actually was a thing.
Helm+armor+weapon skin from one set.

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But as always, we know nothing thanks to FS’s excellent tooltips :stuck_out_tongue:

Are different armor sets a thing? I don’t think they are, although they could add them in the future.

Nah, just looking at this helm is like they need to be. But that is my wish nothing more=]

aside form collectors ed. and v1 owner skins,there are no armor skins in the game. Just hats.

This is confirmed info? As I said before it is my wish that they would be in game, I’m not saying they are.

Nothing is confirmed, but given how long the game is out and no one claiming they actually got a piece of armor is proof enough for me that they don’t exist.

Either that, or the drop chance is, without exaggerating 0.000001 %.

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It’s green and not blue because it’s straight up ported from Vermintide 1. It was a hat that was never released, but you couls get it through mods. The Waystalker hat is also ported from VT1.

Incredible how they boasted about customization and got extremely lazy. To try and keep people from seeing that they set the drop rate on hats to 1% or less.

I honestly think they were overwhelmed and didnt have the time for cosmetics yet^^
Looking back at the dlcs, cosmetics, map designs of dlcs they definitely love and have an eye for such stuff.

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