Art and colorations of helmets/armor. Also, a question that was never addressed about cosmetics out of loot boxes

The helmets in this game do not reflect the armors well enough. The colors do not change to compliment or reflect the armor you are currently either. Some of them also use cloth masks/coverings instead of showing any hair(and elven hairstyles) for Kerillian, which would be nice to see and probably look a lot better than a mask covering her entire head. It may also be unintended that the cloth colors are wrong. After all, why change the colors from the video to look worse in game? See below examples of good and bad pairings:

From the front, it doesn’t look too shabby.

From behind, it looks kind of weird. The smooth bald look just doesn’t look or feel right. Hair or something else would improve it.(also, the color clearly doesn’t change to match the armors)

White cloth that remains white through all armors

Here is what the video showed:

Base armor/helm

The only helmet that matches the new blue armor. The blue is close enough to the armor that the different shade of blue isn’t that noticeable and doesn’t really take away from anything.

The blue remains blue through all armors.

This helmet’s cloth matches this armor. The cloth color will not change for any other armor.

Note how the cloth was different in the video(picture shown below). In fact, it seems to reflect the color of the armor she is wearing. This would suggest that the cloth is indeed supposed to change colors for her armors, but is currently not.

The helmet’s cloth color matches the base handmaiden armor.

Below is, as far as I know(please correct me, Fatshark, if I am wrong), the helmet that is supposed to be from the content update screen shown below this image. Notice how the cloth is a different color and the second jewel above the first is not present(or at the least, there is no shine to it). It could also be the lighting, but the steel in the content update picture looks much darker and looks significantly better than the one currently shown on my character.

In regards to the question about cosmetics:


I forgot to also add that the base armors don’t change the headgear color for even the base helmet on all careers, so you end up getting awkward color schemes like the one shown below:

It’s also a bit of a shame that there isn’t any change to the armor for the Okri challenges other than color scheme change. This isn’t necessarily that bad(Handmaiden’s looks good), but in the case of careers like Waystalker, the entire armor set is just turned black with the exception of the hood remaining green. Considering the effort to get the armor, one would expect something a bit more unique(it looks a little bland at the moment).


You’ll soon realize that FS developers can’t do their jobs properly, there is always something missing / not done correctly…

I totally agree with this posts, from the difference in colour from what it was shown in the videos to the actual game, to the fact that the basic hood of the waystalker doesn’t change to match the body skin (unlike shade or handmaiden).

It shouldn’t be so hard to make the colours from the different hatsof all Kerillian carreers match the skin , should it?


You would think. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this officially addressed though.

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