Payed cosmetics

So, I remember FS saying that the new pay cosmetics would be something entirely different from what we saw so far (like the entirely diffent skin people have been asking so much). Instead we get some hats for 3-4 euroes which, while mostly distinctive, aren’t anything really too much out of the ordinary.

I dunno about that man, all of them are quite different from the usual. Especially that zealot, uhh, ‘hat’


I think these hats’ quality is outstanding, particularly Bardin’s and Sienna’s. Sienna has been suffering from crappy hats since her inception and I was super excited to see the new ones. I think they do deserve their ‘status’ as something completely different from what we saw so far.

With that said, I was expecting brand new skins, too. Was a bit of a let down. Hopefully completely new skins are coming in the future, because in the end, you can only wear 1 hat at a time.


yeah i’m not saying they don’t have the feel of something new (most of them), it’s just that i also remember them saying that the work that would go into these new cosmetics would be something that’d justify the price, and a hat (nice though it is) dosn’t get close.
I find it’s too high a price for such a low effort. That being said, i like the new map, so we’ll see how this will work for them

The quality varies quite a bit.
The pig hat is silly funny, bardin’s anvil is cool as heck, battle wizard gets a cool skull mask… but half of them just look like stuff you’d already find in the game. Not sure how they’re planning to make money on those.

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I don’t mind the inclusion of the hats, I just think the price tags are a bit too much. I wouldn’t pay more than $1.99 for a hat i never see in-game.


I don’t where you are from but a piglet is a perfectly respected hat. Like glasses it makes you look smart.

I worry about Bardin’s Slayer Skins.
I mean you can only make tattoos, which are hard to make look special…
You could play around with his pants. Or even remove them entirely… But that would probably distract from the serious setting around the mission…

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I feel like they could give him some animal hides! Like mayb a bear skin draped around his shoulders, or wolf.

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Give him a leotard
A skin tight leotard
And then maybe a bikini for elf

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A leotard would define his wonderfull abs…
I’ve read through some lore that they are apparently allowed to wear chainmail. Altough that probably would contraproductive, because why the hell would you wear armor if you want to die??
And it would cover the tattoos…