Zealot Feels Quite Anaemic Compared to CBT, in Part Due to Engaging AI in Melee, and In Part Due to Career Skill Changes

50%? man, this doesn’t even cover a lasbot worth of damage…
They need to bump this career’s toughness to 150 at the bare minimum

This is it, this is such a bad oversight I dont even know where to start. The primary use of the ability to charge into melee range breaking through the firing line, and you can just start up be shot out of it, canceling it, then get shot to death since you are now caught out. This needs fixing

The low toughness is to promote smart positioning. You need to avoid gunfire as much as humanly possible. Very much doable now that enemies are consistently entering into melee properly.

I’ve found zealot to be absurdly survivable due to its talents. Well into Heresy and Damnation.

As Zealots you surely know by now that they gave us godmode in place of dodge. (I play Veteran)

Solves a number of problems on paper: Zealot, weapon and stat flexibility, dodge spam

We’ll see if it’s the right solution. Less exciting though

I’d like to point out that dodge spam in this game is actually detrimental, as currently, dodging prevents stamina regen. You have to specifically not dodge spam if you want to be the most effective at the moment

I completely agree, but it currently matches the description, so calling that a “fix” is a stretch. Indeed Zealot does need more base toughness to have any kind of real resilience.

It still can hit, but it doesn’t look like it’s working as well as base implies that it does.

Nonsense, I got the no melee damage taken Vet achievement by accident. Maybe they raised eyebrows at that claim

Furthermore, CBT Catachan IV sword felt amazing, like a swordsman, mobile, athletic, and precise. All gone now

I meleed all this time without blocking and almost no pushing, since pushing was useless in CBT

But this is moot point. In place of dodge, they now gave us:


Can’t smart position when they shoot you when you are litteraly within arms reach.
They can also shoot your head behind cover and you can hardly peak from behind a stair without getting insta shot.
A bit more lenience in the targeting delay would be appreciated.

this isnt something that can be argued because it literally does prevent stamina regen. If you spam dodge you will no longer be able to push or block, a massive detriment like I said, especially on higher difficulties where this is most apparent

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This too.
Horde control for many weapons with low reach is based on push+dodge…

Honestly I just want my class to synergize with my ability. So far zealot’s skills are just damage damage damage. Why not balance weapons accordingly and give some survivability options? I look at the passives other classes get, and in comparison, zealot only has one defensive one. And that passive is useless unless you take a level 20 feat to heal after it pops. Chip damage is destroying the low hp zealot identity.

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after the most recent fix, which has thrown Zealot’s balance into a bit of a mess, I honestly feel that Holy Revenant should be made innate to the class. It would open up a lot more diversity and fix a lot of issues.

Being able to survive on 1-2hp isn’t as useful in DT as it was in VT2, because in VT2 you worked with THP. Toughness is not THP.


Pretty much this. I don’t want to be invulnerable, that’s not the point. I want to be able to manage my toughness while swinging big weapons. Right now it feels like I have to use cleaving weapons if a psyker is in the party, because they kill the big thing before I get to it. Or at the very least a penetrating weapon. I took a look at Ogryn, and they have multiple ways to get in and function as a melee class, while Zealot goes in and receives chip damage until their invicibility pops.

Honestly wouldn’t mind something like lifesteal that counteracts the chip damage or something, but having to give up 100% toughness at all times. Also I’d prefer my ability not to be half damage, half survivability. I’d prefer it to do one or the other. The ogryn getting attack speed at the end of the charge is more useful than the zealot getting one crit and 25% damage. One does DPS, the other is burst. And right now, psyker is better at burst.