Zealot feels weak overall

Half of my perks feel like they don’t work, and my ult can be cancelled by one guy shooting a single bullet at me. Does toughness regain on melee kill even work? I can’t tell.

This can’t be just me, right?


Half her talents are not working…
But yeah.
Her ult needs to be uninterruptible and give you a brief invincibility.
Else anything shooting you stops you


It works, you just have to not be getting hit while you’re killing in melee for it to be effective.

Yeah, he is definitely weak right now compare to beta. A lot of good feedback was left here so I hope they will fix him. Till then it’s Power Sword Vet on front-line.

Yeah zealot is in a rough spot currently, absoutely feels like the weakest of the classes.

Hopefully it gets some love soon.


Like it really doesn’t do anything special or fill any roll.
Zealot is meant to be a rusher, but it just feels bad rn

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As I understand it, the Zealot is supposed to charge in to close melee distance. This has a few problems.

First, charging ahead loses coherency with the team. For both the passives given by other classes and the passive Toughness regen, this is a significant loss, especially since it seems (at least for me) the feat to regen Toughness when near enemies does not seem to work.

Second, maps are filled with debris, corners, low walls, and just random clutter to get stuck on. Aside from being a general annoyance when trying to maneuver around, every one of these things gets in the way of a charge, leaving you out in the open and vulnerable when trying to close with a group of riflemen. I’d prefer to see something like an automatic mantling system when charging, especially since it seems to home in on an enemy.

Third, a single crit at the end of a charge does not seem worth the risk when you could just pop an enemy with a few ranged shots. There are advantages to charging forward, for certain, but it also puts the Preacher in an extremely vulnerable position if there’s multiple enemies around.

I think these downsides can be overcome with tweaks. The auto-mantling as described earlier I think would be a welcome change. Some sort of longer-lasting buff at the end of the charge or perhaps a knockdown when you arrive could overcome the vulnerability of arriving at a group. Perhaps even boosting teammate Toughness on activation could overcome the loss of coherency when charging ahead.