Zealot Feedback

Feedback after 50 hours on zealot and clearing difficulty 5 :
1)The talents / trait based on being low hp just dont work, compared to vt2: melee hits still do pure hp damage and you can only get a bit of toughness compared to how in vt2 you could fill up your hp bar on tempHP.
As such not healing on a medicae station to keep the buffs is almost always a mistake that grieves the team, which means its not really a choice, instead the feats/trait are just a temporary reward for playing badly… and to make matters worse, it seems like it was designed to be his primary talent path.

Suggestion: Give him a talent that all damage he gets is toughness damage below a certain percentage of hp / some damage resistance when under a certain % / make holy revenant a baseline part of the Until Death trait / Get rid of the whole thing and give him (or the team) bonus cleave or crit chance upon clearing a certain condition, would fit “preacher zealot” theme.

2)The tier 5 talent options need reworking: The first option gives up to +25% with only ranged weapons, based on proximity. So at most +25% damage, only with ranged, if you take the risk to go melee with a ranged weapon.
The second option gives you +20% damage, basicly the entire game, for both ranged and melee damage. Even for flamers and shotguns, the second option is better.
The third option is written in mystical words that dont actually say anything (can you guys stop with the windings explanations on traits and weapons please? it’s really frustrating) but its bad because its actively detrimental to be low hp in this game.

3)The tier 3 feats are a nonchoice too.
First option rewards you for taking a big hit, something no player should strive for and no dev should reward.
The second option is what everyone should take always.
The third option is nice if youre babysitting people new to the game i guess, but those people will split up and you will heal 20% toughness x 2 most of the time really, so eh.

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20% toughness restore is actually twice nothing when you consider toughness is separate to HP.
Have it be something like “Allies restore 40% of your total thoughness” so there is an incentive to build thoughness instead of hp (lol)

I’m at 29 hours with Zealot Preacher and just got to level 30. I feel like the class is half-baked, but I don’t want to spend another 29-30 hours leveling another class that might also be half-baked; especially if they can’t port progress over.

I like your suggestion but it should be a passive benefit that Zealots don’t take damage through toughness at or below 20% HP. If it’s a talent, then the passive benefit of damage with missing health will be deprecated if you don’t have that talent.

After the ult fix the class is in dire straits even moreso than before. I switched to veteran now after 30 hours on zealot

Give zealot a talent that renders them immune to melee chip damage.