Random feedback about stuff

I’ve quickly become addicted to this game, love the slaughter and warhammer setting. But some points that I wanted to bring up, and keep in mind its just my opinion.

Been mostly been playing the Zealot and I love the idea of it, big risk but big reward by playing with low life and not healing. Sadly it doesnt really feel like its working, big risk but mediocre reward.

Holy Fervour - Like the idea of going into a fanatical fury but really dislike the charge. The effect only lasts 5 seconds and enemies most of the time move a lot so the charge has a high chance of making me just run off which then forces me to waste precious seconds to run up to the enemy again.
My suggestion would be to change it from a charge to a huge increase in movement speed for the duration so the Zealot can run down the heretics as quickly as possible and not waste time catching up.

Pleasure from Pain - This talent feels really underwhelming. Again love the idea behind it but as it actually plays its pretty useless. I have only a single item that boosts my HP and thats enough to make even bandage packs able to heal me fully. Take into account the Holy Fervour charge thing and the talent only healing for 2 health every hit I can get back 4-12 health, that doesnt even nudge my health bar. It really needs to heal a lot more per hit to make it worth it.
Or make it so the Zealot heals 2 health with every hit and with Holy Fervour active he heals a lot more per hit.

Blessed Frenzy - I dislike this. Again a top tier talent that adds only 3 second duration to Holy Fervour, 3 seconds likely spent trying to catch up to an enemy/boss. It would be fine if Holy Fervour gave movement speed instead of a charge though.

On the topic of talents, I dislike that so many talents across the characters and classes are identical with different names. These are unique characters and unique classes, they shouldnt have so many talents that are copy pasted across the board. I think they should be a bit more unique and varied.

Cosmetics - Where are they? Would be nice to be able to customize character gear appearance, make them look fancier, add visible trophies etc.

Item variation - Should be improved. Since I unlocked Zealot I have gotten one type of flail: Abjudicator’s Flail. No others, no other appearances/illusions, no other names.

Class balance - Some classes feel rather underperforming compared to others. As I’ve started increasing the difficulty I’ve been noticing a similar pattern of usually Kerillian and/or Sienna rocketing ahead and plowing through enemies single handedly while the rest are trying just to keep up.
Not saying anything should be nerfed, but there’s definitely some power imbalance between characters that should be looked at.

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