Zealot career skill suggestion

So after playing on the ol’ Zealot for a while I find myself using my career skill less for actual combat and more as a way to just get around a bit quicker, when I charge into the enemy more often than not I’ll overshoot by a mile and the attack speed buff will have died off by the time I can get back into the fray.

The Slayer version of the skill is much more consistent and meshes better with the rest of his kit, whereas with the Cultist it doesn’t feel like it belongs and doesn’t synergise with part of his core kit that grants uninterruptible heavy attacks.

I was thinking that an ability that would tie in better to the flagellant mythos would be actual flagellation. For example sacrificing % health in return for a large pool of temporary health, for tanking for instance, or sacrifice health for a small pool of temporary health to multiply the Fiery Faith modifier for a brief duration, think of it like whipping himself into a frenzy.

I like that the classes all feel very distinct from one another but with the Cultist it feel a little too much like Slayer Lite™ and was hoping you might consider expanding on the idea some more to make him standout.

I would be interested to hear other peoples opinions are on the cultist.

Praise Sigmar!

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Fyi, you can block to stop early.
Still, I endorse the idea to make this ability more distinct. And preferably better, with a longer cooldown. Audio gets annoying.

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I did not know that, thanks for the tip.