Balance - Swift Slaying trait and the Zealot active ability

So, my favorite character to play is Saltzpyre in his Zealot career, I love how he plays there. That said, I’d really like to see either his active ability, Holy Fervor, or the weapon trait Swift Slaying, changed in the future to help make him more balanced.
Currently, Holy Fervor boosts attack speed by 25% for 6 seconds as its main feature, allowing him to do 25% more damage for a short time, if used well. Swift Slaying, the weapon trait on orange weapons, gives a 20% attack speed boost for 5 seconds on a critical hit.

The problem with these two mechanics is that Swift Slaying’s power seems to undermine the power of Holy Fervor. Since Swift Slaying lasts for only 1 second less, and gives nearly as much attack speed as Holy Fervor at a significantly higher rate, it feels as if Saltzpyre’s Zealot active isn’t particularly important.

I’d suggest reducing the power and/or duration of the Swift Slaying trait - if I were to guess, i’d say 10% attack speed increase for 2 or 3 seconds - so that it fits in line with the usefulness of the other weapon traits.


I’m loving the game so far, and I plan to continue loving it for a while.

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They stack so if running with swift slaying trait you become a true madman during ult. Especially with rapier. Super speed to the max.

Also, the swift slaying trait is very useful with other careers and weapons. It is balanced just fine and doesn’t need any type of nerf.

Thats because it used to be 50% instead of 25% and now it just feels incredible unrewarding to use an ability with a really long CD to maybe get near an enemy if you dont collide with a pebble on your way to it and/or just get knocked back immediately afterwards because reasons.
And since its pretty much “take the middle talent until level 25” Zealot has become a poor mans crowd controller without the actual fun of beating the everliving chaos out of heretics.

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I like everything about zealot except for his active. It’s boring and lacks imagination. Yay. Another dash. With a whimpy attack speed boost. I really expected something better from a fanatical madman shouting ‘HERESY’.

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Please don’t nerf anything about zealot, or swift slaying. If anything, zealot needs a complete overhaul of his ult. It’s boring and unimaginative. Yay, I get to wait a really long time to increase my attack speed for a few seconds. Give him an ult that smites multiple targets with holy wrath or something. Geez, there are so many cool ideas for his ult that are better than a stupid dash/AS boost.


Of course nerf a trait that is important to other characters too just so your character feels more special. This isn’t a trend of this forum at all…

Zealot Ult really needs a redesign and a likely a shorter cooldown.
I think a quick fix might be to add something like 50% damage immunity in it’s current state or half the cooldown time.

It would also be nice if you didn’t get stopped once you ran into sufficient mass of enemies. Not just armored, but trying to go through a mass of infantry often just stops your progress in the middle of the pack when you should have gone further.

There should rarely be any talk of nerfing anything in a PVE game. BUFF others to be just as good imo.

@Anointedone Gets it!

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