Salzpyre's "Holy Fervour" Increased Attack Speed should be 10 seconds

It’s too short imo, Very fun Career Skill , should be 10 seconds instead of 5

Zealot is the strongest Career already, and you want to make it stronger?

So, no.


There are stronger Careers , but I ain’t going to spoil, tell who , so they get nerfed for others

I’m afraid I’m unable to grasp why telling what careers are stronger than Zealot is “spoiling” in any way.

Assuming I understand what you are trying to say correctly, what you’re describing should be the ideal solution anyway.

Rather than buff everything to be on the same, overpowered level, take the options that are blatantly too strong at the moment down a peg or two, so everything is on the same playing field.


I’,m getting a ton of green circles playing Handmaiden and wavestalker. While they are less resilient, one has the best getaway/anti-,horde skill in game (also lets you solo bosses easily), and the other (with natural bond) can survive just fine with 0 ammo or HP pickups, while Zealot needs ammunition to deal with specials).
The true problem is not Zealot homself, but the fsct that axe and falchion is great vs absolutely everything. Great boss damage, great chaos warrior damage, armor damage and push attack, light, light combo clears hordes damn fine (with push attacks being a source of critical hits that allow you to cleave even more).
While he is damn good with axe and flail, I don’t find him much more effective than aforementioned Kerilion careers. Yes, he’s tougher, but when you get your blocks and dodges right as elf, the main source of deaths are specials - just like in the case of Zealot. The thing is - you have to be more careful not to catch an overhead or a swing from a lone marauder (lone enemies deal more damage) when team is carrying dual grims.

So you’re still trolling on this forum. Did you recently came back after some ban ? Or did you go troll others games forum as well ?


NO, Just NO

Can we just give the Huntsman his machine gun skill back? Very fun skill.


Dude you too Funny

The ONLY downside of the Zealot right now is that his career skill is very meh. Everything else is gold standard.

While I agree that upping the timer on the career skill will make it better, something else will have to be toned down in place. Otherwise, why ever take another class?

Zeslot wouldn’t be better than Elf if axe + falchion weren’t on Kerilion-level. But he’s getting nerfed big time soon, so the whole discussion is rather pointoess.

Who said he’s gettin nerfed ? nerf the ELF

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A+F getsva nerf, Zealot loses his 50% dmg reduction talent, so overap the class won’t be anywhere as good as it is right now. Oh and pistols are going to lose a good bit of boss damage, so it seems the most popular Zealot builds are a thing of the past.

We don’t actually know exactly what gets a nerf in the final build, but Elf gets a big spanking with the nerf-stick and Zealot got a pasting too… in the beta.

It is possible they got hit real hard in the beta to kind-of force players to try something else but I suspect Zealot, Shade and Waystalker get nerfed big time, with Merc, Crowbill and Handmaiden dodge spam getting a bit of a wallop too. Brace of Pistols Boss Damage is likely going to get a thumping, and possibly Fireball Spam might get changed.

BRING IT ON Kruber Sword and Shield with increased damage vs armour and block unblockable attacks. I would personally like Huntsman ranged with HAndgun to get a giant buff, but hey… we live in hope.

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Well, from my experience in beta Zealot is completely fine, you don’t have that absurd amount of THP on hit from an ult ant that’s basically the biggest nerf, the other one is loosing crit damage on stacks, but I think it’s not a big deal. Otherwise, both +healing and -damage taken on stacks are very good and compensate a lot for not having Flagelant. Also new crit talent is great, you can skip crit on your gear entirely, getting something like block cost reduction on a weapon and stamina regen or movement speed on a charm and run SS on any weapon.

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Why all the nerfs what’s the point , for me a Nerf Means a mistake that the Devs made , and if players gets used to the hero, they nerf all the fun, I don’t understand , they expect me to try a new character now ? Fuk nah, this is some Dumb Sht

@SICKOMODE, have u even tried Zealot in a beta, or u r just crying about your toy being broken down, at least in your opinion? I don’t say nerfs were insignificant, but even after all of them Zealot is a very solid career, one of the most tanky and noob-friendly careers overall and defenetly is not “ruined” or something.

And a few words about the basic topic, no matter how good or bad Zealot is, his career skill feels like “HOLY FRUSTRATION!!!”, it has too big cooldown, not so great 20% attack speed and very “meh” 5s duration. Yep, I know where it all came from and what it was before the nerf (I mean pre-release version), but it doesn’t change the fact that it feels like shіt comparing to most of the other ults.

Bruh I love this game, but the nerf is destroying the whole fun, It’s like a Person is born and now we cut off his leg off because he’s too strong

For some unknown reason FS is unable to bring weapons to par by buffing weak ones, they rather like to overdo the nerfing and then never admit that it might have been too much.
Prime example is the stagger mechanic, individually, stagger weapons didn’t got better (except mobility buff - but that wasn’t the reason they were unused) but good weapons were pulled down to their level.

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Didn’t Merc get a new dodge talent? I remember being able to dodge quite efficiently even with two handed weapons on the beta.