Just a little Feedback to: Saltzpyre: BountyHunter / Rapier and Pistol / Trait

I was play Saltzpyre as my second Main Hero…
But this Nerfs this “Scale” on the Rapier Pistol take my Fun to Play him!

Next Point is, atm exist this endless Ammo Build, i don’t like this :frowning:
(need a bit more to balance in my eyes)

The Talent Pious Fervour was switch to “get 2 Life Back with a Headshot” and i mean a next switch was “to get 2 temporary Life for a Crit”.
Temporary Life is like Holy Cause!

And Proc with Crit, is not so Funny like Proc with Headshot! (Some with Crit some wiht Headshot, a good mix is more Fun and more dynamic.
2 Ammo back with Headshot was good! because need a lot skill, maybe to much skill…
So is one fail Shot or more easy
Why not push the Dmg / Head Dmg for Rapier Pistol Up again and give this Pistol Ammo?
(like before, play on Headshot for Ammo Back, this are more Skill Based)
Just Crit Procs take the fun for Player for Focus on Skill Play.

Headshot with Rapier Pistol is Hart, alone to Press the DumpKey on Mouse whit this Dot Aiming need a bit Training for a good Hit. So is to Hit the Head a “Reward” to make like a OneHit on the Orcs and get Ammo Back (maybe 1 or 2 Ammo) Fair i think

The “get Ammo back” Traits on Weapons.
(sorry i dont have the name now)
Is just my Idea, and i wanna write this here again:

This Traits give just Temporary Ammo back, is the first hit a Proc (crit Proc, so is fine to Combinate with the Passive)
he become like the same or double ammo back for like 1 or 2 second.
So is this a bit more Skill base and the Ammo Box and Ammo Bag on the Map are more in Use.

Orcs? What? It’s very hard to understand what you are saying.

all is hart? or just the Word “Orcs”?
Orcs are this big Green Guys with Weapons and sometime Shield. I know exist a other Name but he are Orcs.
Rotbloods, Northlanders… look the Face he are Orcs… Zombie as Trash and Orcs the next…

Everything, but also the orcs ^^

Yes, the Orcs :wink:
because he have a little Head XD
I mean just with the Rapier Pistol, not with others… maybe XBow but this works i think.
yeah will be a bit to much with the Pistol one hit but… but… longer CD for the Pistol or so?
The Shoot Feeling is just to less… with the Sound and Smoke with NO One Hit in Head is like… is this Gun Broken or more a Toy?

I’m sorry mate, but what you write is complete gibberish.

no its Mexical- Rusky English… is to understand if you want and know the Background

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