New Trait Ideas

Well I think it’d be nice if we got some new traits to add more variety to different builds.


Piercing Rounds: Your shots can cleave through more enemies
Speed Loader: Increases reload speed and arrow pullback speed by 20%.
High Velocity: Increases ranged projectile speed by 50%
Fast shooter: Increases ranged weapon ADS/spinup speed by 30% and fire rate by 15% (only applies to things like the repeater pistol, Volley Crossbow or anything with a +8 “magazine” and it doesn’t work on staves)
Ammo Pouch: Increases your maximum ammo by 25%.


Crushing Blows: Your melee weapon deals 20% more damage, but you attack 10% slower.
Life Steal: Every 10 enemies you kill in melee grants you 1 permanent HP. (This would work well in combination with Natural Bond or anti horde weapons )
Evasive: Increases your dodge range by 20%


Last Stand: Upon reaching 5 HP or getting downed, you instantly gain 50% of your maximum health as temp HP and are revived if downed. 240 second cooldown.


Renewed Vitality: Whenever you drink a potion, you gain a 50% damage reduction for 20 seconds.
Regeneration: Whenever you drink a potion, you regenerate 3 HP every second for the potions duration
Strong Brew: Increases potion potency by 25%.


Bomb Carrier: You can now carry 2 bombs.


What I like about these is that they’re not crit based, so less rng - that’s great.
I’d love to see a strong nerf to swift slaying. Maybe instead of 20% attack speed jt should only grant 10. Still good, but nowhere near as devastating as currently.

Also I’d love a “heavy parry” kind of talent for 2h weapons, which speeds up the block, does not reduce the block cost to 0, but only by 60%, but blocking an attack f.e. staggers attacking enemy - your weapon is big and heavy, so your blocking movement has a lot more momentum behind it.
Also a “headshot increases stamina regen” trait for melee would be really helpful.
This way we wouldn’t have to always select +crit and swift slaying, because it wouldn’t be that good + there would be non-random alternatives.

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