New traits?

Do you guys have any idea on new traits for exotic equipement ? Here’s mine

-“Flesh rending” : Critical strikes apply a bleeding DoT.
-“Killing spree” : For every 5 ennemies you kill, you gain a permanent 5% damage bonus (stackable 5 times). You lose all stacks when you are hit.

-“Headseeker” : Critical strikes are counted as headshot
-“Fire waves” : When you take damage from venting, you release a wave of fire around you, dealing small damage and applying a fire DoT

-“Battle Healer” : You block any incoming attack while healing you or an ally with an health item.
-“Motivate” : Reviving an ally gives you both a small health regeneration for 5 seconds.

-“Down in one !” : You consume potion much faster and can consume them instead of picking them up if you’re holding a grimoire.
-“Aftertaste” : Your potions get bonus effects.
Strength gives bonus stamina and push strength, enough to stagger Chaos Warrior with a shield weapon. Speed gives bonus stamina regen and revive speed. Concentration gives bonus crit chance and crit damage

-“Napalm” : Your bombs explosion are followed by a series of smaller explosion that deals few damage.
-“Master of explosive” : You can throw barrels much further and are not slowed while carrying it. Barrels you throw explode on contact like bomb.
I first wanted to make you able to carry barrels in the bomb emplacement, but it would have caused problem if you get hit while holding it


No specific ideas, and I think several of the existing ones need to be reworked before adding new stuff, but here’s two things I’d like to see:
First, headshot-using Traits on melee weapons. There’s plenty of stuff on headshots for ranged weapons, but none on melee. The effects could be similar to the ones on crit, or something completely different, but as melee is far easier to line up for multiple headshots on one strike (and possibly easier to headshot in general), they would need to be somewhat weaker than both the crit-equivalent and the ranged-equivalent.
Second, Charm Traits to help a Grimoire carrier, either as a separate Trait or an alternative effect for the regular ones. As Charm Traits help Potion use, and when carrying a Grimoire you cannot use Potions, most runs end up with half the party being unable to use their Charm Trait past the halfway point or so (and in case of Skittergate, for nearly all of the map), which makes the Trait irrelevant. In premade parties, the same people often end up carrying Grims anyway, so being better prepared for that (instead of carrying a useless Trait) would be quite nice.

While I usually tend to pick apart any suggestions for new stuff, this time I don’t have much to say, except that your suggestion of Headseeker sounds too strong. Headshots and crits are already quite strong by themselves, combining them would be devastating and would open up routes for all new ways of abusing the mechanics.

The Big problem that FS made themself, are the Talents, the Talents are just mostly old Traits from V1 and so you would need to rework the Careers Talents first to make new Traits.


Skullcracker from Vermintide 1 but slightly diffrent, Skullcrakcer 5-15% that an Ranged hit anywhere counts as Headshot.

I’d love to see something like…

A trait that adds 0.25%/0.50% additional critical strike chance for every attack that doesn’t crit, stackable up to 10 or 15 times.

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