Legendary Trinket Traits for Grimoires?

Dear Fatshark,

Have you considered, or are you considering, adding some legendary traits on trinkets for us poor people who always pick up the grimoire?
As it stands, my poor IB is slightly sad that he doesn’t care if his trinket is a perfect blue, orange or red.
I’m already quite good at avoiding damage, so with the addition of IB being incredibly forgiving for mistakes I’m always the logical choice for the grim when playing with friends. I don’t mind, but I would likw to care about legendary traits on that slot.

  • The weapon traits can always have a use
  • The charm bomb traits can always be used
  • The necklace traits can always be used, as some don’t require you to have a heal, and you can drop a tome for a heal for the others.

For the grim, if you’ve got a grimoire in your slot, ANY trait on the trinket is now useless. Some traits that apply if and only if you have a grim in the potion slot would be welcome. It could be a passive increase in healing received (applying to white health, but potentially too op with heal over time necklace?), damage resistance, movement speed or even something more exciting like “gain 50% effect of a potion any companion uses”

Keep up the good work!


Hm, I’m used to carrying the Grimoire but I never thought about it. It is right that this trinket becomes quite useless in this case. To replace it with another one could end up troublesome as it could create synergies which are to strong. But some kind of replacement in case of carrying the Grimoire would be fine like the one mentioned where you can get the potion effect of allies.

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Hah, my bad Stupid_Dragon, hadn’t seen your post. Funny we both thought of the same potion type effect. Great minds, obviously.

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