Charm traits

Hey there,

There is an aspect that has been bugging me from launch, namely the charm traits, as the title says. The issue was brought up a couple of times but nothing that garnered too much attention.
To keep it short, grim carriers get no long time use of the existing potion improvements. I’d be nice to have more options to choose from. Without too much thought put into the idea, i’d like to see Barskin added to the trait list for charms as the shortest term solution. The extra protection from it would benefit the carrier greatly.
I’m aware that this change could lead to some very tanky careers, especially since it could be combined the healing traits on the necklace.

The best solution of course would be a bunch of new traits altogether, maybe more focused on supporting the party, different kind of auras (movespeed, block reduction, anything not too op and make the slot feel more useful).


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