Carrying Grimoire

It seems kind of unfair that the tougher classes such as Ironbreaker are 99 times out of 100 expected to carry a grim. Yes I understand the game doesn’t force you to, but woe betide any “tank” who refuses to carry, especially in Pubs.
Each and every time I do my duty to the team and pick up that Grim and do my best to keep it intact to the end. To me its odd game design that slightly punishes the melee careers over the ranged.

Since I get to miss out most of the time on those sweet potions can we at least get a small bonus for carrying or even some sort of alternative charm trait/s that isn’t relating to buffing potions? They could even do away with the grim taking up a slot altogether so we can partake in the quaffing.

Please note I am not in favour of making legend any easier so this need some thought by the devs.

I kinda get what you mean. There are plenty of tanky classes, at least, but you usually don’t want to bring all tanks, or you’ll lack DPS.

In general, it seems the difference between a tanky class and a DPS glass is pretty massive; Kruber can easily stack double the health of some of the squishier classes, and have damage reduction on top of that. I’m not arguing it should be changed, really. While some particular classes might need a little bit of a boost in health (looking at you, WHC), it’s just kind of surprising after all characters had equal health in VT1.

This is why I’ve suggested a Charm Trait which benefits Grim carriers. It’s kind of unfair that specific Careers get stuck with the job- leaving their Traits useless.


I get what you mean, I quite like carrying it on elf myself regardless of class because she’s mobile and can fence her way around - it also enables tanks to get into the thick of things and not be worried about their health as much because let’s face it - when you have a grim you’ll generally be watchful of every sliver of hp.

A Potion-trinket trait that allows a form of symbiose when nearby allies that stacks up to 3 times and is related to ‘‘using the grimoire’’ would be awesome. Heck it doesn’t even have to be just for the grim-bearer it could be a power buff depending on your character.

Just to take things a step too far just for fun imagine
''Sienna - Chosen of Rhuin: Invokes a lesser blade of fire buff for nearby allies causing their melee strikes to inflict a lesser fire dot (which is non-stacking but still increases overall party damage.)

''Kerillian - Blood of Khain: Invokes a lesser bloodlust effect that causes kills to grant 0.5/1 temporary hp. This may not seem like much but it would slow down temp-hp decay.

''Saltzpyre - Mark of Accusation: Causes all marked enemies to suffer increased stagger and headshot damage.

''Kruber - Seal of Endurance: Increases nearby allies movement speed by 1% and grants 10% stamina regen.

''Bardin - Charm of Infusing: Increases the effects of all potions and drafts by 15%

Yea they’re all too powerful but still, I like fantasizing about options - as they could’ve been imbuements from the start anyway xD


My biggest issue with carrying grimoires right now, is that if you expect to be the one doing it, you have no opportunity to pick another trait for your charm that can actually benefit you when the potion slot is filled.

I really miss trinkets from v1, the variety allowed you to prepare for situations like this in a premade.


Pots boost DPS, tanks have less DPS thus post are better for DDs -> pots should be left for DDs
Tanks have more HP and survival talents -> they are less likely to die and lose a grim

So unfair or not, but it is logical.


Add lvl 30 talents that proc only when YOU are carrying the grim. Add a charm trait “Whenever a team mate drinks a potion, you get the same potion effect, but you cannot drink potions yourself.”

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The only one that does this directly in Strength Potion (and it’s most useful to those that don’t have high damage-per-strike to begin with). True, Speed and Concentration can easily be used to boost your DpS, but speed can also enhance your survivability through movement speed (and sometimes is extremely useful just for this), and Concentration can help, say Ironbreaker keep his career skill up too. So carrying a grimoire still reduces your options, no matter what you play.

Likely to be too powerful as such, but reduce the “shared” effects to maybe half duration, and it could be effective. Personally, I would prefer a Trait option or two that triggered on Grimoire carry, even if they were balanced to be slightly weaker than the Potion Traits.

I perfectly understand that the intention of the locked slot when carrying a grim is a design feature to increase the game difficulty. What I am not comfortable with is that it predominantly penalises the “tank” careers and reduces their options during gameplay.

The skittergate map is the worst for it. Both grim very early on a long map means missing out on pots completely.
Where is my pot swigging fun!?

Then again it’s not bugman’s.

Sure, mate.

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